Baby Cakes® Blackberry Tree

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Baby Cakes® Blackberry

Rubus x 'APF-236T' PP27,032, CPBRAF
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Pick your own bushel of blackberries with Bushel and Berry® Baby Cakes® Blackberry, a thornless plant perfectly compact to have potted berries growing right on your patio! Built to bear fruit during the first year so that you can indulge on big bunches of delicious berries during a warm summer day! What if you could have plump blackberries twice a year? Get double the bounty with Baby Cakes®, blooming of blackberries a second time in fall! A belly full of berries and plenty more for jam! So plant today, and watch the beautiful white blossoms turn into sweet edible blackberries for you and the family to enjoy!

Growth Facts

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The Story

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc., known for its blueberries, has created a blackberry that you will soon know and love… Baby Cakes Black Raspberry. Two of Fall Creek’s berry breeders, Peter Boches and John Clark, hand-pollinated multiple generations of blackberries to create a new blackberry bush named ‘APF-236T’. Patented in 2016, we now know this blackberry under the name Baby Cakes Blackberry.

The Details

An adorable dwarf, mid-season producer, Baby Cakes is a great addition to any patio garden or small landscape that wants to grow fruit but does not have a large area to work with. The compact size of this thornless bush is perfect for your favorite patio container, where you can pick berries as you bask in the sun. As a mid-season producer, the sweet, juicy berries will help qualm the heat of the day. In most regions, Baby Cakes will produce two fruit crops each year!
Height: 3-4 ft
Spread: 1-2 ft
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Green
Zones: 4-8"

How to Grow

Baby Cakes enjoys having a sunny spot to collect the sun's rays freely with no shade. Blackberries enjoy being planted in acidic soil, rich in organic matter, moist, and well-draining. Be sure not to plant blackberries in wet, soggy soil, and these berries do not enjoy having wet feet. If the landscape has clay soil, planting raspberries in raised beds would be a great option to enjoy growing your fruit. After fruiting, prune all canes that produced fruit. Thoroughly prune late winter to early spring to remove any damage occurring during dormancy. Blackberries are self-fertile, so you do not need to plant another blackberry bush.

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Baby Cakes® Blackberry Tree