Samdal & Samyl Elderberry - (1) of each Variety Tree

Growth Facts

Samdal & Samyl Elderberry - (1) of each Variety

Sambucus nigra 'Samdal' & 'Samyl'
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Two is better than one, especially with the twins Samdal & Samyl elderberries! This elderberry dual will not only cross-pollinate each other, so you won’t need another elderberry, but also produce lots of nutritious, delicious berries! There is no need to worry about having too large of a harvest; Sandal & Samyl berries are perfect for jams, jellies, and eating fresh. Enjoy petite white spring flowers decorating your garden in a sign that a mouthwatering harvest is about to fill your belly!

Growth Facts

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The Story

Sambucus nigra is native to Europe, Africa, and Asia. New cultivars from Denmark, Samdal & Samyl Elderberries, are a new addition to the S. nigra family. These two new plants are self-fertile but will cross-pollinate with each other to produce abundant yields for your enjoyment. Out of the two, Samyl proves to be the higher-yielding elderberry.

The Details

Even though the elderberries themselves are edible, the flavor tends to be an acquired taste that not all will enjoy. However, the berries are excellent when made into jams, pies, sauces, and even wine! The crisp, white, fragrant flowers are also edible and can be eaten raw, be sure to have a napkin handy as these blooms tend to be juicy. Blooms can be used to make sweet tea, sparkling wine, or to add a muscatel flavor to jams and jellies.

Height: 8-20 ft
Spread: 8-20 ft
Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade
Foliage: Dark Green
Zones: 5-8"

How to Grow

Free up the sunny spot in your yard to plant Samdal & Samyl! These elderberries enjoy soaking up full sun and can tolerate some part shade. Samdal & Samyl prefer to be planted in soil that is moist and humusy. Pruning should remove suckers as they appear, and a more thorough pruning should be enacted in late winter.

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Samdal & Samyl Elderberry - (1) of each Variety Tree