Kanza Pecan Tree

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Kanza Pecan

Carya illinoinensis 'Kanza'

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Mmhmm - mmhmm - mmhmm - pecan pie, a Thanksgiving Day MUST. No matter how you pronounce it (pi-kän - pi-kan - pē-kan), these tasty little nuts are glorious additions to any baked treat, cooked dish, or to eat fresh! And with the Kanza Pecan, us Northerners will be able to harvest our own! Even though pecans are most commonly grown in the south, the Kanza Pecan is cold hardy to Zone 5, which widely opens the door for planting in the north! Be sure to be patient, for it takes about 5-7 years for the Kanza to bear nuts, but once it starts - ENJOY!

Growth Facts

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Kanza Pecan Tree