Shepherd Pecan Tree

Growth Facts

Shepherd Pecan

Carya illinoinensis 'Shepherd'

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Who will love your Pecan Tree more—you or the birds? It's hard to say! Pecans are a gourmet treat for humans and for birds as well. Packed with protein, fat, and minerals, they are especially valuable to migrating birds, who need to take in lots of quality, high-energy food in preparation for their long journeys. Of course, winter-resident birds like chickadees, cardinals, wrens, nuthatches, jays, and woodpeckers also savor the sweet nuts. Pecans generally take about ten years to start producing crops, but in the meantime, your tree will still feed the birds! Songbirds dine on the many insects that feed on Pecan leaves.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Shepherd was created from a vision held by Jerrell Shepherd in the 1970's who wanted to build a pecan orchard in the middle of Missouri. The issue with this location was that mid-Missouri was in the extreme northern range of where pecans could normally grow and thrive. As a result of this issue, Jerrell Shepherd searched all over Missouri for an appropriate cultivar. The cultivar that ended up thriving was found on a nearby farm, and this cultivar would later be named Shepherd after it's founder.

The Details

A producer of quality pecans, Shepherd, is an excellent choice for those looking to grow pecans. Each pecan nut is medium-sized, easy to shell, and ripens typically about a week before Pawnee. Shepherd Pecan is resistant to pecan scab, making this a great addition to your landscape!

Height: 65-130 ft
Width: 40-75 ft
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Green
Zone: 5-9

How to Grow

Just as Shepherd Pecan appreciates low, fertile plains in the wild, it favors deep, rich, moist soil in the home landscape, too. It will certainly survive in drier sites, but it will grow more slowly there. Plant it in full sun and give it lots of room. Pecan Trees can get quite large and they live a long time—200 to 300 years!

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Shepherd Pecan Tree