School House Chestnut Tree
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School House Chestnut Tree
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Growth Facts

School House Chestnut

Castanea ozarkensis 'School House'

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In 1904, a fungus was introduced in the United States called Cryphonectria parasitica, or more commonly known: chestnut blight fungus. Within decades, this fungus decimated our native, American Chestnut populations. Three species: American Chestnut, Allegheny Chinkapin, and Ozark Chinkapin, were almost wiped from existence because of a fungus. ALMOST. Enter the School House Chestnut - or Castanea pumila var. ozarkensis. The Ozark Chinkapin has risen from the theoretical ashes and, with it, brought their sweet-tasting and healthy little treats for us to enjoy!

Our chestnuts are not GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms, which are created in a laboratory. 

Growth Facts

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School House Chestnut Tree