Sauber Black Walnut Tree
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Sauber Black Walnut Tree
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Growth Facts

Sauber Black Walnut

Juglans nigra 'Sauber' GRAFT

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Sauber Black Walnuts are a prodigeous grower producing 20-25 pounds of nuts per season! Go nuts with Sauber!

Black walnut are large trees maturing to 70-100 feet tall! The wood is prized throughout the world for its beautiful color, strength, and durability. Their nuts are strong in flavor and have the highest content of protein! Growing best in deep fertile soil, Black walnut trees tend to be very cold tolerant and can outlive us all while still producing nuts beyond 50 years! Plant these legendary trees in your landscape today, and enjoy their handsome architecture and delicious nuts for you and the wildlife to enjoy!

Growth Facts

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The Story

For many people, Black Walnut is prized most of all for its heavy, dark, beautifully grained heartwood. It has become so valuable for furniture, cabinets, gunstocks, and veneer that most of the grand old specimens have been cut down… either by their owners or by poachers. “Walnut rustlers” have been known to steal mature walnut trees by cutting them down and air-lifting them out with helicopters. Pioneers destroyed many a tree in their day, too, often without a thought to the fine lumber they were wasting. They used the wood for railway ties, split-rail fences, and—gasp—firewood.

The Details

Sauber is the productive walnut that you'll want to plant right away! A very productive tree, Sauber is known for producing hearty crops of nuts that are rich in flavor. Sauber walnuts are great add-ons to baked dishes or eating fresh after picking. This black walnut variety is fast-growing, making a great shade tree and self-pollinating ideal if you do not have enough room to plant more than one in your landscape.

Height: 40-70 ft
Width: 30-40 ft
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Green
Zone: 4-9

How to Grow

Black Walnut is not hard to grow in most sunny sites, but it performs particularly well in deep, fertile, moist, well-drained soils. In such a site, it can grow surprisingly fast. Many people hesitate to plant Black Walnut because they’ve been told that the chemicals it contains kill many other plants growing nearby. The science seems to indicate that this is largely a myth. You’ll want to be sure to plant your tree well away from walkways, pools, and patios, however. The nuts, encased in a thick husk, are large and heavy, and you don’t want to be under them when they fall.

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Sauber Black Walnut Tree