Quick Crop Black Walnut Tree
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Quick Crop Black Walnut Tree
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Growth Facts

Quick Crop Black Walnut

Juglans nigra 'Quick Crop' GRAFT

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Quick Crop Black Walnut trees are the easiest to shell nuts, and also fastest to begin producing nuts just three years after planting! I guess the name fits!

Black walnut are large trees maturing to 70-100 feet tall! The wood is prized throughout the world for its beautiful color, strength, and durability. Their nuts are strong in flavor and have the highest content of protein! Growing best in deep fertile soil, Black walnut trees tend to be very cold tolerant and can outlive us all while still producing nuts beyond 50 years! Plant these legendary trees in your landscape today, and enjoy their handsome architecture and delicious nuts for you and the wildlife to enjoy!

Growth Facts

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Quick Crop Black Walnut Tree