Garretson Common Persimmon Tree
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Garretson Common Persimmon Tree
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Growth Facts

Garretson Common Persimmon

Diospyros virginiana 'Garretson'

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A relative to Early Golden Persimmon, Garretson Common Persimmons is an early ripener and has been known to ripen as far north as Geneva, NY! Showing off its cold-hardy abilities. Looking for a tree that will provide stunning bloom color, a juicy harvest, and winter interest? Creamy-Yellow buds mixed with vibrant green leaves will give way to larger-than-average orange/red tasty persimmon fruits ideal for consuming straight off the branch, or be creative and add these yummy fruits to a favorite recipe! Once the colder weather strikes, the green leaves turned to a yellow/orange/green mix that welcomes autumn. Winter brings to light the bark's deep crevices that can prove to be of interest while the tree hibernates during this cold season.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Garrestson is an offspring of Early Golden Persimmon. Native from Connecticut to Florida and reaching as far west as Kansas, the Common Persimmon is a part of our country’s natural heritage. Since the days of the earliest Native Americans, its fruits have been a special treat for people in the East and Midwest. Don’t eat them before they’re ripe, though! Biting into a bitter persimmon before it’s ready is a mistake you’ll only make once. When they’re jelly-soft, however, they become as sweet as candy. Because the wood of the Persimmon Tree is incredibly hard, it’s used to make golf club heads. This tree is closely related to Ebony, a tropical tree with extremely dark, dense wood that has traditionally been used to make the black keys on pianos.

The Details

If you're looking for a persimmon that ripens early in October and produces high yields, Garretson is the persimmon for you! Able to thrive in the far northern regions in Michigan and New York, this versatile persimmon is one that everyone can reap the benefits from. Garretson fruit can range in size from small to medium with a deep orange-colored skin that is attractive to view. A softer persimmon, each fruit has a minimal amount of seeds allowing you to enjoy more tasty fruits!

Height: 35-60 ft
Width: 25-35 ft
Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade
Foliage: Green
Zone: 4-9

How to Grow

Garretson Common Persimmon flourishes in fencerows and other wild spaces all over the eastern U.S., and it will most likely thrive in your garden as well without a lot of fuss. Give it a site in all-day sun in soil that drains well. Regular water is important during the establishment period, but once its sturdy roots are firmly anchored in the ground, your Persimmon will be quite drought tolerant. Try to avoid damaging the trunk, which will encourage this tree’s natural tendency to sucker. Suckers may be cut or mowed off to maintain a single-trunked specimen, or they may be left to do their thing if you’d like a multi-stemmed, seasonal privacy screen to develop.

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Garretson Common Persimmon Tree