I-94 Common Persimmon Tree
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I-94 Common Persimmon Tree
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I-94 Common Persimmon

Diospyros virginiana 'I-94'
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With its distinctive blocky bark, graceful pendulous habit, large drooping leaves, and fantastic yellow fall color, the I-94 Common Persimmon Tree will be a handsome addition to your landscape in all seasons. If wild Persimmon Trees grow near your home (they can be found from Connecticut to Florida and west to Kansas), you may get some fruit, too. Persimmon fruits are notorious for puckering you up when you eat them too early, but if you wait until they’re jelly-soft, they’re one of nature’s most delectable sugar rushes. The Persimmon Tree’s foliage also feeds the young of spectacular jade-green luna moths, which alone merits the inclusion of this wildlife-friendly accent tree in your garden.

Growth Facts

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I-94 Common Persimmon Tree