Kasandra Common Persimmon Tree
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Kasandra Common Persimmon Tree
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Growth Facts

Kasandra Common Persimmon

Diospyros virginiana 'Kasandra'

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Persimmons are harbingers of winter, showing up just in time for the holiday season to bake up into your favorite loaves or pies! Kasandra Common Persimmon is the backyard treat fit for the whole family, filled with memories of seeing the leaves turn and awaiting the tasty fruit to ripen soon after. Creamy-Yellow buds mixed with vibrant green leaves will give way to larger-than-average orange/red delicious persimmon fruits ideal for consuming straight off the branch, or be creative and add these yummy fruits to a favorite recipe! Once the colder weather strikes, the green leaves turned to a yellow/orange/green mix that welcomes autumn. Winter brings to light the bark's deep crevices that can prove to be of interest while the tree hibernates during this cold season.

Growth Facts

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Kasandra Common Persimmon Tree