Medusa Ornamental Onion Tree

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Medusa Ornamental Onion

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This isn't the Greek monster Medusa, but the ornamental onion that has twisty leaves like the feared Medusa's hair. Don't let this allium scare you, it's only around to provide purple bloom clusters to your landscape. Great for bees and butterflies, Medusa will only bring in the visitors you want, and is resistant to pests such as deer. A distinctive plant in your landscape, Medusa will excite and not frighten!

Growth Facts

The Story

Onions belong to a genus (Allium) that includes familiar edibles like garlic, chives, shallots, and so much more. There are around 850 species of Alliums globally, nearly all of them native to the Northern Hemisphere. Many have in typical musky-smelling foliage and uniquely arranged flower heads that form globes or starburst patterns. Millenium was bred in 2000 (hence the name) by Mark “The Onion Man” McDonough of Pepperell, Massachusetts. McDonough is an architect by trade and an amateur gardener on the side with a passion for ornamental onions. Millenium is one of his finest introductions.

The Details

"No need to be frightened, Medusa Ornamental Onion is here to please, not harm! Medusa is a fast-growing perennial that sends up round balls of purple blooms that are long-lasting and perfect for a tabletop bouquet! Alliums are great drought-tolerant plants that have shown to be long-living.

Height: 1-2 ft
Spread: 1-2 ft
Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade
Foliage: Green
Fall Foliage: Green
Zones: 5-8"

How to Grow

Plant Medusa Ornamental Onion in a site in the all-day sun; afternoon shade may be a good idea in very hot climates. Medusa grows best in light (sandy), free-draining soils. It has average to low water needs, withstanding periods of drought once established. Most border situations suit it well, and it is at home in the rock garden, too. To use the flowers in arrangements, cut them as soon as they open, and they’ll last a long time in the water. Diseases and insect pests are rarely a problem with this carefree Spirit; deer and rabbits avoid the aromatic foliage as well.

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Medusa Ornamental Onion Tree