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Marcus Salvia

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Soothing, serene, beautiful blue violet. What garden isn’t enhanced by this captivating color? Marcus Salvia delivers months of enchanting plum blossoms to your beds and borders. The blooms are arranged on short spikes; they make a pleasing combination with other long-blooming summer Spirits with contrasting flower arrangements, such as Yarrow with its flat flower clusters. You can include Marcus Salvia in a formal perennial border or add it to a more freewheeling meadow-type planting plan. Plant it in drifts to create pools and rivers of dreamy blue in your landscape. Easy to grow.

Growth Facts

The Story

Marcus was discovered as a cultivar of S. nemerosa 'Osfriesland' in Germany in 1998. This dwarf sage forms perennial clumps that host lavender and/or purple blue blooms. Salvia is derived from the Latin term salveo, which translates into "to save or heal." This is thought to be attributed to the fact that supposed medical properties.

The Details

Meadow Sage blooms can be attractive to pollinators such as bees and butterflies, helping our pollinator friends thrive. Marcus makes a great addition to areas such as borders and butterfly gardens or plant a grouping to create your own accent area. Marcus should be monitored for any signs of powdery mildew, leaf spot, and/ or rust as there is a susceptibility for contraction of these problems.

Height: 0.5-1 ft
Spread: 0.75-1 ft
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Green, Gray-Green
Zones: 4-8"

How to Grow

An easy grower, Marcus needs very little to be successful in your landscape. Provide some average, well-draining soil. Preferably soil that is moist, gravelly, or even sandy; Marcus can even tolerate drought! With ideal moist conditions, Marcus can rebloom during the summer. Once blooms are spent, prune off the dead stems or wait until all the blooms are spent and cut back completely.

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Marcus Salvia Tree