Concolor Fir Tree

Growth Facts

Concolor Fir

Abies concolor

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Useful and so elegant, Concolor Fir is an exquisite evergreen tree that can be employed as a premium privacy screen, a handsome windbreak, or simply as a regal specimen in your landscape. However you use it, it will shine all year-round with its blue-dusted needles and its neat, pyramidal shape. Robins and other songbirds like Concolor Fir, too, for the shelter it provides, and a family may take up residence in the safety of its branches. After many years, the seeds will feed local wildlife as well. A wonderful western native that is also suitable for midwestern and northeastern gardens.

Growth Facts

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The Story

The spirit of the West! Concolor Fir is a majestic evergreen tree that you’re sure to see while on vacation in Colorado Springs or at Yosemite National Park in California. A major component of the coniferous forests of the Rockies and Sierra Nevada, it is an iconic resident of the West. It stands tall and proud, with rugged, furrowed bark and graceful branches clothed in fragrant, blue-green or blue needles that are soft to the touch. Concolor Fir is also known as White Fir or Silver Fir because of the glaucous, pale coating on its needles. Think of it as a Blue Spruce you can hug!

The Details

Concolor Fir is sometimes grown as a Christmas Tree. With is strong branches, beautiful bluish color, and citrus scent, it’s a pleasure to decorate during the holidays. You can use yours as an outdoor Christmas Tree that will get more impressive each year!

How to Grow

Unlike most other Fir Trees native to the western states, Concolor Fir is quite adaptable, and can be grown successfully in the Northeast and Midwest (it may struggle in the Deep South). Give it full sun if possible (it will survive in light shade) and soil that drains well. Heavy clay generally spells trouble with this species. Once established, Concolor Fir gets by on minimal water, but irrigation during dry spells will speed growth. Constantly wet soil, however, will shorten its life. This tree does not appreciate “wet feet.” Otherwise, problems are few.

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9-10' Tall. This tree is an evergreen tree with year round interest. At this size the tree is ready to make an immediate impact. This tree will perfectly compliment the rest of your landscape. Shipped Balled and Burlapped at this size.

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Concolor Fir Tree