Accolade™ Elm Tree
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Accolade™ Elm Tree
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Growth Facts

Accolade™ Elm

Ulmus x 'Morton'

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Imagine the many memories that could be created, picnicking and playing underneath the broad canopy of the long-lived Accolade™ Elm. This gorgeous vase-shaped tree deserves all the accolades as it proudly lines many city streets and urban yards with fine glossy green leaves and handsome architecture. Elegant, fast-growing, and disease-resistant are just a few of the compliments this legacy shade tree brings to your landscape. This may be the next backdrop for your yearly family photos, with its golden fall foliage on full display!

Growth Facts

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The Story

Accolade™ Elm’s parents are Ulmus japonica and Ulmus Wilsonian, and this hybrid was the beginning of the Morton Arboretum’s elm improvement program that started in 1972. Dendrologist George Ware fell in love with this gorgeous tree and began breeding the disease-resistant elm for 40 years. His goal was to find disease-resistant alternatives that brought back the spectacular Elm tree to American landscapes.

The Details

"Accolade™ Elm produces small green flowers, letting you know the spring has arrived! These little flowers give way to a single seed oval wing. Since these seeds appear before most seeds in the spring, they are a favorite amongst the birds and squirrels for an early meal!

Height: 50-60'
Spread: 25-40'
Shape: Upright, spreading
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Deep green
Fall Foliage: Golden yellow
Zone: 4-7"

How to Grow

Choose a sunny spot for your Accolade™ Elm to promote dense, symmetrical growth and intense red fall color. This tree will be relatively drought tolerant once established, but will need regular water during establishment. Irrigate with the Bower & Branch Elements™ Watering System during the first couple of years in your landscape to encourage a strong root system to develop. Feed annually with our Elements™ Fertilizer. The Accolade™ Elm is a good choice for challenging urban sites and is tolerant of alkaline soils, de-icing salts, air pollution, and winter lows to -20°F. In Elm trials, it has been a solid performer all over the country, from California to Ohio to Maryland.

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Accolade™ Elm Tree