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First Editions® Parkland Pillar Birch

Betula platyphylla 'Jefpark' PP25,468
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An exemplary exclamation point for northern landscapes! Parkland Pillar Birch is a svelte, columnar tree with flashy white bark and a penchant for cold winters. Hardy to 40 below zero, it survives in the most frigid regions. This is a fast-growing tree, quickly reaching lofty heights, but remaining super-skinny throughout its life. Parkland Pillar gives you the look of a Lombardy Poplar, but it is more refined and longer-lived. Use it as a striking specimen, plant a pair to frame a distant view, or employ a whole row of trees as a windbreak or property line divider. Exquisite!

Growth Facts

The Story

Parkland Pillar is not only tolerant of extreme cold, but it is also more resistant to heat, drought, and wind than other Birch Trees. It was derived from Dakota Pinnacle Birch, a selection bred at North Dakota State University in the 1980s as part of a program to develop more durable Birches. Dakota Pinnacle has a handsome elliptical outline and makes a fine landscape tree. Parkland Pillar was discovered as a random mutation on one branch of a Dakota Pinnacle Tree growing in a nursery in Alberta, Canada. It maintains a narrower outline than the original without any pruning.

The Details

In fall, Parkland Pillar Birch’s deep green leaves are transformed. They turn a warm golden-yellow, and the canopy glows like a candle flame in the cool autumn air. The leaves hold quite late, extending the show.

How to Grow

Parkland Pillar Birch can handle whatever Old Man Winter can dish out, but summer is another story. Prolonged hot spells can weaken the tree, though Parkland Pillar is tougher than most. Weakened trees are more susceptible to bronze Birch borer, the main enemy of Birch Trees. Try to alleviate stress as much as you can. Don’t plant this tree near surfaces that reflect or radiate heat, like asphalt driveways or the southern side of buildings. Make sure to mulch your tree to keep the roots cool and moist, and water regularly.

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5' Tall. Grown in our #7 tree container. This unique and quick growing columnar birch will have appeal all seasons.

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