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Proven Winners® Color Choice® Cesky Gold™ Birch

Betula x plettkei ‘Golden Treasure’ PPAF
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Cute as a button! Cesky Gold is not your typical Birch Tree. Instead of becoming a full-sized forest tree, it stays small and shrubby its whole life—without any pruning at all. Its leaves aren’t the usual green, either, but a refreshing chartreuse-yellow that lends a splash of color to the landscape. The miniature leaves are even more colorful in spring, when they flush out with tints of orange and rusty-red. Cesky Gold is best in cool-summer climates, and it thrives where winters are brutal. Use it in northern gardens to enliven beds and borders.

Growth Facts

The Story

Cesky Gold is a hybrid Birch Tree that was only recently developed. Plant breeder Michal Andrusiv of the Czech Republic produced it in 2010. A yellow-leaved form of European Silver Birch, ‘Golden Cloud’, served as the seed parent, and a tiny-leaved, shrubby species called Dwarf Birch provided the pollen. Dwarf Birch is native to Alaska, Canada, and other Arctic regions around the globe, which accounts for Cesky Gold Birch’s extreme tolerance to frigid temperatures. It is hardy to 50 below zero! The plant made its debut in North America in 2015, when it was registered in Canada.

The Details

Plant a row of Cesky Gold Birches on two-foot centers to create a colorful low hedge. Cesky Gold can be sheared, or left alone to produce a more natural (but still neat) look.

How to Grow

Like most Birches, Cesky Gold prefers cool summers, cold winters, moist soil, and full sun. Plant it in northern gardens in good soil that drains well but doesn’t get dried out in the summer. Mulch with a generous layer of wood chips or other organic matter to help hold in moisture and keep the roots cool. Cesky Gold grows rather slowly and will not need much, if any, pruning. If you do wish to trim this plant, summer is the best time to do it. In winter and spring, Birches may “bleed” sap profusely when cut.

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