Snowcone Japanese Snowbell Tree
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Snowcone Japanese Snowbell Tree
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Growth Facts

Snowcone Japanese Snowbell

Styrax japonica 'Snowcone'
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You can almost hear the bells ring in those enchanting flowers! Snowcone Japanese Snowbells are blanketed in snow-white belled blooms covering the tree in late spring. You will definitely want to plant this unique showstopper near a window so the breeze can carry the fragrance of the sweet flowers right into your home! Just wait till the hummingbirds and butterflies find out about it! Breathing life into your garden as brightly colored pollinators flutter through! Known for fitting into any size garden and often found in urban city gardening, compact spaces are this showy ornamental tree specialty. Cool off under the gorgeous blooms of Snowcone Japanese Snowbells, bringing pearled elegance to your landscape year after year!

Growth Facts

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The Story

Japanese Snowbell is native to China, Japan, and Korea, and Fun Fact - its strong wood has been traditionally used to make prayer beads and umbrella handles! This variety, Snowcone Japanese Snowbell, was created by J. Frank Schmidt Nursery in Boring, OR as an improved version of Japanese Snowbell. It was cultivated to be more pyramidal and symmetrical in branching and shape, having more showy blooms. Dip your garden in a little vanilla snowcone!

The Details

This tree will "ring your bell." Clusters of charming white, hanging, "bell-shaped" flowers bloom in June and the attractive dark green leaves turn yellow in the fall. This wonderful specimen tree will create a graceful atmosphere in your outdoor living space.

How to Grow

Plant your Snowcone Japanese Snowbell tree where it will be shaded by other trees or buildings from the hot afternoon sun so that the foliage doesn’t scorch; morning sun is fine. It likes moist but well-drained soil. Pests and diseases are of no concern to this delicate-looking but sturdy tree, so if it’s properly sited, caring for it will be a breeze. The only maintenance you’ll want to do is to prune out branches that sport all-green leaves, should they appear. Because it has so little green chlorophyll, it’s a slow grower. Its growth is easy to maintain, and it will never get out of control.

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Snowcone Japanese Snowbell Tree