Pacific Brilliance™ Pin Oak Tree

Growth Facts

Pacific Brilliance™ Pin Oak

Quercus palustris 'PWJR08' PP20,900

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A vision all dressed in shining green. Pacific Brilliance™ Pin Oak is full of style; its unique foliage in spring has a white luminous to them, giving it the illusion of a light frost dusted on the leaves. This upright wonder has branches that reach for the sky as if to be constantly smiling. Welcoming autumn into your garden, this Pin Oak is perfectly named for its brilliant fall show of bright crimson, orange, and a golden glow. A top performer throughout the seasons and will be a gorgeous spectacle in the neighborhood.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Pacific Brilliance™ Pin Oak is a natural cross cultivar discovered by Joseph C. Kelly and Peter J. Brentano of Brentano's Tree Farm in Oregon. They find it to be an improved Pin Oak tree variety with a fall foliage show that can’t be beat!

The Details

No need to worry about the lawnmower under this tree! As Pacific Brilliance™ Pin Oak has fewer and smaller acorns than its peers.

How to Grow

Oak trees enjoy full sun, but soil conditions are where these two trees differ. Pin Oaks require acid soil; if the soil isn’t acidic enough the leaves will turn yellow. Red Oaks, on the other hand, can tolerate a wider range of soil conditions. Oaks can have an irregular growth habit while young, but it will straighten out in time. (Kind of like that scrawny kid in elementary school that grows into the star quarterback on the high school football team – see, it all works out)! Applying a medium to high rate fertilizer in the fall should help it out too. Just applying it once a year for the first few years should be enough. The more fertilizer you give your Oak tree – the more it will grow! Oaks are another example of trees that don’t need a lot of pruning. Oak trees are relatively pest free. You may have an occasional problem with scale, which are tiny sucking insects usually found in clusters along branches and leaves.

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Pacific Brilliance™ Pin Oak Tree