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Pink Snow Showers™ Weeping Cherry - low form

Prunus x 'Pisnshzam'
Shipping Autumn of 2021
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When the weather begins to get pleasant, check the forecast, because pink snow showers will soon be on the way. Pink Snow Showers™ Flowering Cherry ushers in a blizzard of soft rosy pink blossoms in early spring. The delicate five-petaled blooms smother the weeping branches, creating an enchanting picture in your garden. They give off a gentle, sweet perfume, too. This fast-growing tree makes a dramatic specimen in no time and would love to be the center of attention in your front yard, mixed border, or patio area. Plant some early bulbs at its feet for the perfect finishing touch.

Growth Facts

The Story

Flowering Cherry Trees are adored the world over, but nowhere are they more admired than in their native Japan. In that country, hanami, or Cherry blossom–viewing, has been an honored tradition for hundreds of years. The people hold Cherry blossom festivals each spring and celebrate by having picnics and drinking tea and sake among the blooms. Some are inspired to photograph, paint, or draw the blossoms, and others write poems. The fleeting flowers are said to represent the impermanence of youth. Pink Snow Showers™ is a selection of Japanese Flowering Cherry that originated in the U.S. It was introduced by Lake County Nursery of Ohio.

The Details

Flowering Cherries are known primarily for their joyful spring displays, but fall can be festive as well. Pink Snow Showers™ Flowering Cherry’s emerald-green leaves turn smoldering shades of red and orange in the autumn.

How to Grow

Pink Snow Showers™ Flowering Cherry thrives in any sunny location in most types of soil, except those that stay wet. This is a grafted tree, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for suckers coming up from the base of the tree or growing straight up from the trunk—prune these out immediately. You’ll also want to watch out for Japanese beetles, which may chew the leaves in summer. They may be picked off by hand or controlled with chemicals or organic sprays. Please don’t hesitate to ask our tree care specialists here at Bower & Branch™ for advice on the pest control plan that works best for you!

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