NewGen® Independence Boxwood Tree

Growth Facts

NewGen® Independence Boxwood

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The independent green beauty! NewGen® Independence Boxwood combines the old with the new, with that gorgeous classic boxwood look and new and improved disease-resistant qualities! This vigorous grower is the perfect backdrop to all your perennial gardens or privacy hedge as it's flushed in glossy evergreen color all year long! Growing as tall as it is wide, the versatile look can be highlighted in elegant formal gardening or growing natural for a more natural forest look. Get creative with cut branches, making wreaths, or beautiful winter bouquets; this revolutionary boxwood is dressed to impress!

Growth Facts

The Story

Founded in Williamsburg, VA, NewGen® Independence is the boxwood that you never knew you needed. A chance occurrence, NewGen® Independence, was found growing as a seedling and expanded from there. Similar to Green Beauty Boxwood, the Leafminer resistance Independence is higher.

The Details

You won't want to miss out on adding this boxwood to your landscape; it has a lot to offer! NewGen® Independence is not only more resistant to Leafminers, but it also has a higher resistance to Boxwood Blight. However, this does not negatively affect the appearance; instead, NewGen® Independence has excellent curb appeal and makes a great add-on to any formal landscape. Use as a substitute for Green Beauty, Suffruticosa, Green Mound, and Green Velvet.

Height: 3-5 ft
Width: 3-5 ft
Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade
Foliage: Dark Green
Fall Foliage: Dark Green
Zone: 5-8

How to Grow

Good drainage is essential when growing NewGen® Independence Boxwood. It will tolerate many types of soil and will even thrive in clay, but the soil must drain well, or the plant may fall prey to root rot diseases. This is a shallow-rooting plant, so mulch well to keep the root zone cool and moist (but not wet). NewGen® Independence grows splendidly in both sun and in quite a bit of shade. Deer rarely browse boxwoods; we are happy to report. Prune in late winter/early spring to help maintain shape. You may also want to prune after the first heavy frost to remove any burned shoots.

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NewGen® Independence Boxwood Tree