Rudy Haag Burning Bush (True Dwarf) Tree

Growth Facts

Rudy Haag Burning Bush (True Dwarf)

Euonymus alatus 'Rudy Haag'

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Burning bush is an understatement with Rudy Haag’s fiery red foliage in the fall! A perfectly petite shrub as it is a true dwarf growing only 3-5 feet tall. Fitting all garden sizes and can be a bit of a show-off accent plant as dainty yellow flowers accompany even the gorgeous green leaves in the spring. This slow-growing stunner has also been referred to as “Winged Spindle Tree” for its distinctive Corky-winged stems that become more noticeable in winter after the leaves drop. Rudy Haag Burning Bush grew in popularity in the landscaping scene for its hardy growth and year-round interest and versatility in the garden as a sturdy screen or hedge mixed with evergreens or a stand-alone beauty in garden borders. It may be pint-sized, but it will unfold in colors from spring to fall!

Growth Facts

The Story

Rudy Haag Burning Bush is native to the forests and woodlands of eastern Russia, Japan, China, and Korea and was introduced to America around 1860 as an ornamental shrub. Burning Bush has become invasive in a few areas around the U.S., seeding itself into wild spaces and potentially crowding out native plants. Though grown carefully, Rudy Haag Burning Bush will thrive and beautify your garden beds!

The Details

May flowers! In May, the cutest yellow-green flowers pop up that ripen into fruit by fall. Attracting birds to eat the fruit for lunch, and join you in the garden!

How to Grow

Part of Rudy Haag Burning Bush's popularity is due to the fact that it is so easy to grow. This adaptable Accent will grow in sun or shade and in just about any type of soil that isn't soggy. Wet feet spell trouble. Ideally, it would prefer light shade and soil that is barely moist at all times.

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Rudy Haag Burning Bush (True Dwarf) Tree