Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper Tree

Growth Facts

Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper

Juniperus chinensis procumbens 'Nana'

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Soften the edges a bit with the charm of Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper! Carpeting your landscape as it hugs the ground, while the center branches radiate upwards, reaching out as if to be a Dr. Seuss character coming to life. With its “set and forget” personality of minimal maintenance, museum landscape designers have commonly used this juniper cultivar to create a bonsai-like, cushiony space; that is architecturally beautiful and easy to care for. Achieve a high-end look in rich year-round emerald color and soft evergreen foliage gently draped over your garden. Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper will win the hearts of any level gardener and bring a touch of elegance to your planting!

  • Size AA (15-18" wide) container grown 

Growth Facts

The Story

Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper originated in Japan, and Arthur Hill of D. Hill Nursery in Dundee, Illinois, brought this cultivar back from Japan in 1904. It became a feature in one of their first catalogs. ‘Nana’ can often be confused with the cultivar ‘Bonin Islands’, as they have similar traits.

The Details

Best known for its bonsai-style, Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper is perfect in rock gardens or with natural rocky water features. Its low maintenance and ease of shaping it into a formal look or its true funky natural bonsai shape makes it highly recommended for tiny city gardens. If you only have room for one evergreen, make sure it is this one!

How to Grow

These plants love to soak up the sun! They’re happy to take all the sun you can give them. Dwarf Japanese Garden Junipers prefer to be on the dryer side in well-drained soil and tolerate sandy soil too. Thriving under adversity, it is easily transplanted and drought tolerant. This cultivar won’t put up much fuss in your garden!

Size Guide

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Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper Tree