Major Wheeler Honeysuckle Tree

Growth Facts

Major Wheeler Honeysuckle

Lonicera 'Major Wheeler'

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Major Wheeler Honeysuckle may just become everyone’s new favorite garden obsession. Blankets of crimson orange tubular blooms will not only be admired by you and your neighbors but the hummingbirds as well! Considered to be one of the longest blooming varieties of honeysuckle, and its hardy fast-growing habits are perfect for covering fences, arbors, or trellis up the side of your home. Later in summer, the evergreen vines’ red berries attract your favorite bird visitors for lunch - Major Wheeler Honeysuckle is basically Cinderella, having no idea how absolutely gorgeous it truly is as birds and butterflies are just fluttering around singing in admiration! Its easy growing habits and disease-resistant qualities make it a must-have in the garden! Even if you’re brand new to gardening, this vine is foolproof and will turn any space into a magazine cover!

Growth Facts

The Story

Because Major Wheeler Honeysuckle is considered native to the US, making it quite low maintenance to establish in your garden. You can find many growing wild on the coast of North Carolina, where all the hummingbirds and butterflies are hanging out.

The Details

The long blooming season also means a long season of an alluring fragrant scent filling the garden!

How to Grow

Major Wheeler Honeysuckle can grow climbing up to 10 feet in maturity. Plant near a fence or trellis to give it a landscape structure to climb as it is a fast grower and long-living. The woody vine loves full sun and evenly moist soil. If living in a colder climate, consider applying a thick layer of mulch around the roots to protect them from colder weather and keep the moisture in.

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Major Wheeler Honeysuckle Tree