Rohanii European Beech Tree

Growth Facts

Rohanii European Beech

Fagus sylvatica 'Rohanii'

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Rohanii European Beech is one of the most majestic trees to grace the landscape! The structural beauty of the smooth, gray barked trunk and handsome architecture of layered branches is like a piece of art in your garden. Striking dark purple foliage grace’s this deciduous tree-like stained glass. The fringed lobed leaves paint your garden in dark plum and shine a golden yellow in the fall as streaks of sunlight sparkle through the canopy. Rohanii European Beech is a hardy statement piece that will proudly grow in your landscape for generations!

Growth Facts

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The Story

Rohanii European Beech received its name in 1888 when the cultivar was discovered on the estates of Prince Camille de Rohan of Bohemia. It is a cross between Large-leaf Copper Beech and Oakleaf European Beech.

The Details

The edible Beechnuts are enclosed in a prickly husk, and much loved by birds and squirrels. They also add a little decoration through winter, like a unique ornament to the tree!

How to Grow

Be strategic in placing your Rohanii European Beech.  Because the leaves tend to scorch in hot afternoon sun, planting it where it can get lots of morning sunshine but shade in the afternoon would make this tree happiest.  It needs regular irrigation and well-drained soil and appreciates a layer of mulch to keep its roots cool and moist.  Like all Beech trees, this variety is shallow rooted, so the less competition you give it from turf or other plants, the better.  The other thing you’ll need to have is patience.  Rohanii European Beech is a rather slow grower, but—ask anyone who owns one—worth the wait!

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Rohanii European Beech Tree