Shelina's Beauty™ Maple Tree
Shelina's Beauty™ Maple Leaf
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Shelina's Beauty™ Maple Tree
Shelina's Beauty™ Maple Leaf
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Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 4-8
  • Spacing: 25' to 30'
  • Exposure: Sun/Part Shade
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
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Shelina's Beauty™ Maple

Acer x freemanii 'JSC Kingsone' PP 221,935

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Shelina's Beauty™ Maple is an exciting new variegated shade tree whose green leaves seem to have been splattered, streaked, and dunked in a creamy yellow paint. Not only a strong and sturdy shademaker for your front lawn, patio area, or deck, this unusual tree doubles as a work of art! In fall, you'll enjoy the show as the marbled leaves take on purple, pink, and orange-red tones. Crafters will want to press them and save them instead of raking them up. A Red Maple-Silver Maple hybrid like the Autumn Blaze® Maple tree, Shelina's Beauty™ is just as trouble-free and adaptable as that popular tree... but a whole lot snazzier!


Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 4-8
  • Spacing: 25' to 30'
  • Exposure: Sun/Part Shade
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
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The Story

Shelina’s Beauty™ originated as a single variegated branch on a Freeman (Hybrid) Maple Tree made up of 75% Red Maple genes and 25% Silver Maple.  This mutant branch, or “sport,” showed up on a tree at the home of James Cavett of Estill Springs, Tennessee.  It just so happens that Cavett owns JSC Nursery, so he knew right away he had something good.  (Makes you want to check your trees for sports, doesn’t it?)  The name “Shelina” is a combination of his wife’s name, Shellie, and his daughter’s name, Celina.

The Details

Yowza - this is one beauty of a Maple! Shelina's Beauty leafs out in early spring with bright cream variegation over a large green leaf background. The leaves first emerge as red changing to red-orange then maturing to the creamy-green variegation. Quite an eye-catching shade tree to add to open spaces.

How to Grow

Shelina’s Beauty™ is a breeze to grow.  It is tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions and is forgiving of drought and temperature extremes.  The spring of 2007 was a trying time for nursery stock in Tennessee.  Shelina’s Beauty™ was forced to prove herself and came through with flying colors.  A sudden, damaging late freeze in April did the young little trees no harm, nor were they troubled by the rare, devastating spring drought that followed.  The hot, humid, and often droughty Tennessee summers have posed no problems, either.

More Info

Cold Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 4
Heat Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 8
Exposure Sun/Part Shade
Avg Mature Height 40'
Avg Mature Width 30'
Spacing 25' to 30'
Growth Rate Medium
Leaf Color Green/Yellow/White
Fall Leaf Color Red/Pink/Yellow
Cary Award Winner No
PA Gold Medal Award No
Attractive Bark No
Attracts Birds No
Attracts Butterflies No
Attracts Hummingbirds No
Attracts Pollinators No
Deer Resistant Yes
Drought Tolerant Yes
Dry, Poor Soils No
Edible Fruit No
Fragrant No
Groundcover No
Hedge/Windbreak No
Native Yes
Salt Tolerance/Seashore No
Seasonal Cut Branches No
Shade Tolerance Yes
Showy Flowers No
Specimen Yes
Urban Conditions Yes
Utility Line Trees No
Wet Moist Soils No
Winter Interest No
Woodland Garden Yes
Decor/Craft Use No

Size Guide

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Size: B

Size B

This graphic shows the approximate size and form of the Tree you are viewing.

Size B Trees:

8-10' tall with well developed branching and form. Grown in our #15 tree container. Impact ready!

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Shelina's Beauty™ Maple Tree
Shelina's Beauty™ Maple Leaf