Canadian Hemlock Tree
Canadian Hemlock Leaf
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Canadian Hemlock Tree
Canadian Hemlock Leaf
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Canadian Hemlock Additional Product Shot 238
Canadian Hemlock Additional Product Shot 1195

Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 3-7
  • Spacing: 25-35'
  • Exposure: Sun or Shade
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Canadian Hemlock

Tsuga canadensis

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Green is a color that soothes, and soothing greenery is what Canadian Hemlock brings to your landscape year-round.  This elegant native evergreen tree adds softness, too—while many other conifers are stiff and prickly, Hemlocks have needles that are soft to stroke, and their flexible branches sway gently in the breeze.  Hemlock is also different from many other evergreen trees in that it responds well to pruning and can even be maintained as a privacy hedge, growing thicker the more you shear it.  Left to grow naturally, this regal tree becomes a medium to large pyramid of green that casts a dense shade.

Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 3-7
  • Spacing: 25-35'
  • Exposure: Sun or Shade
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The Story

No, this isn’t the plant that killed Socrates, though it was named after the plant that did (they have a similar fragrance). Botanically, Hemlocks have been tossed around from the Pines to Firs to Spruces.  In 1847, they were given a label of their own—Tsuga, the Japanese word for the Asian Hemlocks, which means “Tree Mother.”  Our native Canadian Hemlock is a noble tree that grows slowly to great heights in the wild.  It is considered a “climax species,” because once it matures, no other forest tree can overtake it.

The Details

Canadian Hemlocks are rather handy evergreens. You can plant one as a specimen or you can plant them in a row to create an evergreen hedge - even shear them! The soft, dense green foliage creates a ʺwelcome homeʺ vibe for little creatures while the tiny brown cones spawn ideas for imaginative crafters. This graceful evergreen does get pretty big so be sure to give it plenty of space to grow.

How to Grow

Hemlocks are great evergreens in that they grow well in full sun or full shade. Hemlocks require moist soil conditions and good drainage; they will not tolerate consistently wet or consistently dry soils. Young Hemlocks do not do well in windy locations, so a slightly protected planting area is best. In late fall or early spring, supply your Hemlock with a yearly feeding of a medium rate fertilizer. This gives your tree a little “juice” heading into the following spring. Annual shearing, if desired, can produce a fuller Canadian Hemlock and also helps control height. One pest you may or may not come in contact with is the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid. Specks of white “cotton” along the branches identify this little pest. Those little specks are Wooly Adelgids. Consult with your local Garden Center professional to find out what action to take to eliminate the problem. Hemlock Wooly Adelgids are more common on Hemlocks that are growing in their native habitat. This little creature is not as common in the landscape and can be controlled.

More Info

Cold Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 3
Heat Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 7
Exposure Sun or Shade
Avg Mature Height 70'
Avg Mature Width 35'
Spacing 25-35'
Growth Rate Medium
Leaf Color Green
Fruit Color Brown
Fruit Time Fall
Cary Award Winner No
PA Gold Medal Award No
Attractive Bark No
Attracts Birds Yes
Attracts Butterflies No
Attracts Hummingbirds No
Attracts Pollinators No
Deer Resistant No
Drought Tolerant No
Dry, Poor Soils No
Edible Fruit No
Fragrant Yes
Groundcover No
Hedge/Windbreak Yes
Native Yes
Salt Tolerance/Seashore No
Seasonal Cut Branches Yes
Shade Tolerance Yes
Showy Flowers No
Specimen Yes
Urban Conditions No
Utility Line Trees No
Wet Moist Soils No
Winter Interest Yes
Woodland Garden Yes
Decor/Craft Use No

Size Guide

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Size C Trees:

8-9' tall. Well sheared and full plants. Bower & Branch Hemlock are pruned for fullness and are healthy, dark green, vigorous trees. Grown in our #25 evergreen tree containers. Seasonally shipped Balled & Burlapped.

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Canadian Hemlock Tree
Canadian Hemlock Leaf
Canadian Hemlock Additional Product Shot 238
Canadian Hemlock Additional Product Shot 1195