Red Obelisk Beech Tree
Red Obelisk Beech Leaf
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Red Obelisk Beech Tree
Red Obelisk Beech Leaf

Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 4-7
  • Spacing: 10-12'
  • Exposure: Sun/Part Shade
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
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Red Obelisk Beech

Fagus sylvatica 'Red Obelisk'

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With its striking upright habit, powerful presence, and deep burgundy foliage, the Red Obelisk European Beech will provide a strong anchor to any of the landscape beds around your home. Its columnar shape makes the perfect contrast to rounded or wide-spreading trees and shrubs, contributing to the diversity of form that will help make your garden look interesting all year-round. Plant Red Obelisk at the corners of your house to frame your home and add curb appeal or plant a row of these long-lived trees along your property line to create a sensational seasonal privacy screen for posterity. This just may be the tall, dark, and handsome specimen your landscape has been dreaming of!

Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 4-7
  • Spacing: 10-12'
  • Exposure: Sun/Part Shade
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
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The Story

Red Obelisk Beech is a form of European Beech that originated at Trompenburg Arboretum in the Netherlands in the 1970s. It’s the love child of a green columnar Beech named ‘Dawyck’ and a red-leaved Beech called ‘Rohanii.’ The former director at Trompenburg, the late Dick Hoey Smith, chose this handsome tree from a crop of seedlings he grew in 1969 from Beech nuts he gathered from a Dawyck Beech growing in the arboretum. Of the 100 seeds he sowed, Red Obelisk was one of only four trees that exhibited both the purple leaves and the columnar habit of the two parents.

The Details

Naturally maintaining a spire-like form throughout its life, the noble Red Obelisk European Beech can be utilized on small properties as well as on large ones. Just make sure there are no obstructions overhead—this tree can grow to a height of 50 feet!

How to Grow

Give Red Obelisk Beech a home in full sun to bring out the deepest purple-red color in its foliage. In hot summer weather, the color may fade a bit to a bronzy green. Beeches don’t like soggy soil, so good drainage is a must, and regular irrigation is important during the first few years of establishment. Once it’s settled in, Red Obelisk will be somewhat drought tolerant. Mulch your tree well and keep underplantings to a minimum, as this tree—like other Beeches—is shallow-rooted. There are no major pests or diseases associated with this stellar low-maintenance tree.

More Info

Cold Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 4
Heat Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 7
Exposure Sun/Part Shade
Avg Mature Height 50'
Avg Mature Width 12'
Spacing 10-12'
Growth Rate Slow
Leaf Color Purple
Flower Color N/A
Flower Time Spring
Cary Award Winner No
PA Gold Medal Award No
Attractive Bark Yes
Attracts Birds No
Attracts Butterflies No
Attracts Hummingbirds No
Attracts Pollinators No
Deer Resistant Yes
Drought Tolerant No
Dry, Poor Soils No
Edible Fruit No
Fragrant No
Groundcover No
Hedge/Windbreak Yes
Native No
Salt Tolerance/Seashore No
Seasonal Cut Branches No
Shade Tolerance Yes
Showy Flowers No
Specimen Yes
Urban Conditions No
Utility Line Trees No
Wet Moist Soils No
Winter Interest Yes
Woodland Garden Yes
Decor/Craft Use No

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Red Obelisk Beech Tree
Red Obelisk Beech Leaf