Weeping White Spruce Tree
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Weeping White Spruce Tree
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Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 2-6
  • Spacing: 6-8'
  • Exposure: Sun/Light Shade
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
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Weeping White Spruce

Picea glauca 'Pendula'

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Weeping White Spruce is a sleek, stylish evergreen tree that lends an air of power and grace to the landscape. Rising up like a spire, this majestic specimen has a strong vertical presence that demands attention without being imposing. Its striking, pole-like appearance is softened by lovely pendulous branches clothed in mint-green foliage that cover the tree from head to toe. Although Weeping White Spruce can reach 30 feet tall at maturity, it keeps its runway-model-thin physique its whole life (don’t hate her for it), and it will take up an impossibly small amount of space in your garden. You can even safely plant it right next to the house!

Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 2-6
  • Spacing: 6-8'
  • Exposure: Sun/Light Shade
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
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The Story

White Spruce is a dominant forest tree throughout the Northern U.S. and Canada. It likes cool summers, and it had an even larger native range during the last Ice Age some 10,000 years ago, when giant woolly mammoths roamed the land. The origin of this particular slim, weeping selection is hotly debated. One side says the Weeping White Spruce we grow today was the tree first described by French botanist Élie-Abel Carrière in 1867, who saw it in a park in Versailles. The other side says this tree was discovered in the wild in Ontario and was introduced by D. Hill Nursery of Illinois. Are they two different look-alike trees or the same one? The world may never know.

The Details

Although Weeping White Spruce has been around for about 150 years, it has a fresh, edgy feel that complements modern landscapes beautifully. Its long and lean profile suits tall houses on narrow lots, and on more generously sized properties it serves as an attention-grabbing exclamation point when planted among an assortment of rounded and wide-spreading plants.

How to Grow

Weeping White Spruce is a tough, low-maintenance tree that thrives in the Northern U.S. (it struggles in the Deep South). It prefers full sun but can handle light shade, and it’s not fussy about soils. Unlike some other weeping conifers, like Weeping Norway Spruce, this one needs no staking, either—it develops a single leader without help and wants only to shoot straight up. Few pests or diseases bother this sturdy native, though spider mites do occasionally turn needles yellow or cause them to drop. Trees that are properly sited, mulched, fed, and irrigated are unlikely to be severely affected by mites, but if you do suspect a problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us at grower@bowerandbranch.com for advice on their safe and effective control.

More Info

Cold Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 2
Heat Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 6
Exposure Sun/Light Shade
Avg Mature Height 15-20'
Avg Mature Width 6'
Spacing 6-8'
Growth Rate Medium-Slow
Leaf Color Blue-Green
Cary Award Winner No
PA Gold Medal Award No
Attractive Bark No
Attracts Birds No
Attracts Butterflies No
Attracts Hummingbirds No
Attracts Pollinators No
Deer Resistant Yes
Drought Tolerant No
Dry, Poor Soils No
Edible Fruit No
Fragrant No
Groundcover No
Hedge/Windbreak No
Native Yes
Salt Tolerance/Seashore Yes
Seasonal Cut Branches No
Shade Tolerance No
Showy Flowers No
Specimen Yes
Urban Conditions No
Utility Line Trees No
Wet Moist Soils No
Winter Interest Yes
Woodland Garden No
Decor/Craft Use No

Size Guide

Size Guide Scale


Size: A

Size A

Size: B

Size B

This graphic shows the approximate size and form of the Tree you are viewing.

Size A Trees:

3-4' Tall. Grown in our #6 or #7 tree container. A very rare and unusual tree.

Size B Trees:

3-4' Tall. Grown in our #10 tree container. This specimen tree will be the rockstar in your landscape.

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Weeping White Spruce Tree