Niobe Golden Weeping Willow Living Tree Chair Leaf
Niobe Golden Weeping Willow Living Tree Chair Additional Product Shot 921
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Niobe Golden Weeping Willow Living Tree Chair Leaf
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Niobe Golden Weeping Willow Living Tree Chair Additional Product Shot 921

Growth Facts

Niobe Golden Weeping Willow Living Tree Chair

Salix alba tristis 'Niobe'
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If you and your friends used to play among the branches of a Weeping Willow Tree when you were kids, then you might already know what it feels like to sit in one of our Niobe Weeping Willow Living Tree Chairs. As you lean back into the arms of an old childhood friend, you’ll see the slender Willow leaves dancing in the sunlight overhead and feel your worries melt away. You can recapture that feeling anytime you wish when you make this Bower & Branch™ Living Tree Chair a part of your outdoor living space. Much more than just a pretty tree to look at, this unique Weeping Willow will become an integral part of your landscape and a treasured companion throughout the years.

Growth Facts

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The Story

When the founder of Bower & Branch was a boy, one of his favorite trees was an old Sugar Maple that had a big root which formed a perfect chair seat. He didn’t know it then, but the idea to shape trees into Living Tree Chairs was born. Today Bower & Branch is the only place you’ll find these marvelous living chairs, each one patiently trained by hand over a period of years by our growers. Imagine what your guests and neighbors will say when you’re the first in the neighborhood to have one! Everyone loves a Weeping Willow, but this one will blow their minds.

The Details

The Willow you've always dreamed about. Long, sweeping branches cascade over each other until they reach the ground, creating an atmosphere that will mesmerize your imagination and confirm that some dreams do come true. The bright lovely yellow branches shimmer against the winter sky. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind tree!

How to Grow

Willows are just plain easy to grow. These large, yet delicate, trees can create quite a focal point in the garden. They tolerate most soil conditions, including wet soils. They aren’t too keen on dry soil conditions, but they do enjoy being planted in full sun. Did you know that a substance taken from the bark of the Willow tree is used to produce salicylic acid? Salicylic acid is used to make aspirin, dyes, and it even helps to preserve food. Willow trees are aggressive growers and can grow to be quite large. To help them grow into healthy large trees, apply a dose of medium rate fertilizer once a year in the fall. You should only do this for about the first 3 or 4 years. You shouldn’t have to prune too often, just prune when you feel it is necessary. Willow trees are free of any major pest or disease problems. When your Willow tree is young, however, keep the trunk of your young Willow protected – ‘cause deer love ‘em!

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Niobe Golden Weeping Willow Living Tree Chair Leaf
Niobe Golden Weeping Willow Living Tree Chair Additional Product Shot 921