Dwarf Alberta Spruce Spiral Topiary Tree

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Dwarf Alberta Spruce Spiral Topiary
Picea glauca `Conica´
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It’s Extreme Makeover: Conifer Edition! Our ingenious crew at the Bower & Branch nursery has taken Dwarf Alberta Spruce and given it a radically updated look. Our Dwarf Alberta Spruce Spiral Topiary Tree has been handcrafted to take the form of a living green spiral sculpture for instant curb appeal in your landscape. Imagine how amazing it will look when you string it with lights for the holiday season! Part of our Topiary line, this striking contemporary accent tree will serve as the perfect focal point by your front door, patio, or any high-traffic area that needs to look sharp all year long. Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a slow-growing tree, so maintenance (trimming) isn’t as difficult as you might think. One good pruning per year will keep it nice and tidy.

Growth Facts

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The Story

White Spruce is a native tree of northern forests that can reach 100 feet or more in the wild. As with many conifers, “witch’s brooms” of congested growth may appear occasionally on White Spruce branches that give rise to new dwarf forms. If a witch’s broom sets seed, the offspring may be dwarfed as well. This is probably what prompted the birth of the Dwarf Alberta Spruce (a seedling of the White Spruce) in Alberta, Canada in the late 1800s. In 1904, two representatives of the Harvard Arboretum stumbled upon the lucky find, and the new tree went on to become one of the most popular landscape trees the world has ever known.

The Details

A pair of Alberta Spruces framing the front door of a home has been done so many times it’s almost a cliché, but frame an entrance with two Dwarf Alberta Spruce Spiral Topiary Trees and you have something fresh, bold, and exciting. A pair of Spiral Albertas will give you fresh greenery right outside your door and a sculptural element that will enliven your entryway garden all year long.

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Size A

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Grown in our #7 or #8 topiary container. Spirals up all the way to 4 feet or more. Perfect for framing a doorway or walkway. This work of art gives any landscape a sense of regality.

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Dwarf Alberta Spruce Spiral Topiary Tree