Dwarf Alberta Spruce Teardrop Poodle Topiary Tree

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Dwarf Alberta Spruce Teardrop Poodle Topiary
Picea glauca `Conica´
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Need a striking specimen tree but don’t have a lot of room? Our Dwarf Alberta Spruce Teardrop Poodle Topiary Tree makes a big impact in a small space. Groomed like a poodle’s tail (but with a teardrop-shaped third tier), it will draw attention to whatever area of your landscape you’d like to highlight. Plant a pair on either side of a path, gate, or doorway, and usher your friends into your home in style. Maintenance is a breeze, requiring just a quick shearing each year. Each time you trim it, your tree will grow thicker and more impressive, while never outgrowing its allotted space.

Growth Facts

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The Story

In 1898, a German-born man named Alfred Rehder got a job at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum hoeing weeds for a dollar a day. Rehder went on to become a brilliant botanist, writing over 1,000 articles on plants during his long career. Around that time, a Canadian named John George Jack also began to pay his dues at the arboretum, making the same wage. He eventually became a Harvard professor. In 1904, the two men went on a plant-hunting expedition in Alberta, Canada, and what did they happen to see growing near a train station but a curious dwarf seedling of a White Spruce Tree. They brought the brand new “Dwarf Alberta Spruce” back to Boston, and the rest is history.

The Details

Dwarf Alberta Spruce has proven itself to be not just a useful small ornamental tree, but an elegant topiary tree as well. Our Dwarf Alberta Spruce Teardrop Poodle Topiary Tree is a classy accent that you can easily incorporate into the formal areas around your home. It has the look of a fancy finial, like those that decorate elaborate buildings, railings, and furnishings.

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Grown in our #7 or #8 topiary container. Poodled to 4 feet or more. Perfect for framing a doorway or walkway. This work of art gives any landscape a sense of regality.

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Dwarf Alberta Spruce Teardrop Poodle Topiary Tree