Kindred Spirit® Oak Tree
Kindred Spirit® Oak Leaf
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Kindred Spirit® Oak Tree
Kindred Spirit® Oak Leaf

Growth Facts

Kindred Spirit® Oak

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Rising like a sentinel, the Kindred Spirit® Columnar Oak Tree will serve as a powerful vertical element in your landscape, providing structure and rugged good looks throughout the year. You can use this svelte but sturdy tree as a bold focal point, or plant a row of Kindred Spirit® Oaks to form a handsome property-defining screen or windbreak. An incredibly tough tree, it will sail through the worst wind and ice storms with practically no damage, and it will put up with poor compacted soils, summertime drought, and even occasional flooding. Whether you garden in the city or the country, you’ll find that this is one tree you can depend on to get the job done!

Growth Facts

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The Story

The original Kindred Spirit® Oak Tree has had over 40 years to prove its merits, and it has clearly shown itself to be a winner. In 1974, it was one acorn among one thousand planted by the legendary nurseryman, Earl Cully, of Jacksonville, Illinois. Cully had crossed the upright Columnar English Oak with our native Swamp White Oak in hopes of combining the best attributes of both. Out of the hundreds of seedlings that he grew from that pairing, only a few trees made the final cut. The elegant Regal Prince® Columnar Oak was the first introduction, and Kindred Spirit®—with an even tighter habit than its brother—was the second.

The Details

The Kindred Spirit® Columnar Oak Tree sports deep green leaves that exhibit none of the whitish powdery mildew that can afflict the foliage of its English Oak mother. The dark, leathery leaves present a rather somber, formal appearance—that is, until the wind makes them dance, exposing their pretty, pale silvery green undersides. In fall, the foliage turns gold to golden brown before dropping to reveal a strong framework of upswept branches.

How to Grow

Plant your Kindred Spirit® Oak Tree in a sunny site in any kind of soil and supply it with regular water during the first couple of growing seasons. After it’s established, it will be quite drought tolerant, though constantly damp soils pose no problem either. From its American Swamp White Oak parent it inherited much improved cold hardiness over most English Oaks, and it was also graced with very sturdy, weather-resistant limbs, as the Swamp White Oak boasts the strongest wood of any of the Oaks. Due to its hybrid nature, it also possesses what is known as “hybrid vigor,” which means that with proper care and feeding, Kindred Spirit® Oak can be a fast-growing tree, at least throughout its younger years.

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8-10' Tall. Grown in our #15 tree container. The Kindred Spirit® Oak tree is a wonderful Columnar tree. Great for framing or lining a driveway or path.

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Kindred Spirit® Oak Tree
Kindred Spirit® Oak Leaf