Golden Spirit Smoke Tree - tree form Tree
Golden Spirit Smoke Tree - tree form Leaf
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Golden Spirit Smoke Tree - tree form Tree
Golden Spirit Smoke Tree - tree form Leaf
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Growth Facts

Golden Spirit Smoke Tree - tree form

Cotinus coggygria 'Ancot' PP13,082

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We’ve got spirit—how ’bout you? Our Golden Spirit Smoke Tree will give your landscape something to cheer about! This perky, small ornamental tree radiates happiness when its leaves emerge a shimmering sunny yellow in spring. In summer, the circular-shaped foliage usually keeps its golden hues, becoming a more mellow lime-green color when grown in a shadier spot. In fall, Golden Spirit Smoke Tree will turn up the volume when its leaves turn sizzling shades of coral, burgundy, and scarlet-red. Grow this charismatic tree by your front door, in your foundation beds, near your patio, or anywhere you’d like to see a brilliant burst of color.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Golden Spirit Smoke Tree is a type of Smoke Bush that our growers have trained to take the shape of a single-stemmed tree. Smoke Bush is native to a wide region that stretches from southern Europe to central China. It belongs to the Sumac family, which also gives us Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. Don’t worry, though! Golden Spirit is perfectly safe to touch and won’t cause any rashes. This interesting family of plants also gives us Cashews and Mangos, so it’s actually a pretty cool group! The dazzling yellow-leaved Golden Spirit Smoke Bush was discovered in a Dutch nursery in 1989 among a crop of seedlings, and the coveted plant made it to the States in2001.

The Details

Smoke Tree (or Smoke Bush) is named for the clouds of delicate cream or pinkish gray flowers that rise above the foliage in early summer, like puffs of smoke. Golden Spirit was observed for several years in the Netherlands by its discoverers, and it never flowered for them; however, it has been known to raise its fluffy flower plumes in the U.S. In any case, the foliage is the main attraction, and blooms are a bonus.

How to Grow

The Golden Spirit Smoke Tree needs lots of sunshine in order to develop that electric yellow color, but in hot climates, the midday sun can be a little too intense and cause browning of the margins, so give it some afternoon shade there. Not too much shade, or the leaves will turn green! It thrives in any ordinary soil (clay soil is fine as long as it is well drained). Golden Spirit needs regular water during establishment, but after the first year or two, it will be able to handle drier conditions. This is a tree that deer generally don’t like to eat.

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Golden Spirit Smoke Tree - tree form Tree
Golden Spirit Smoke Tree - tree form Leaf