Bonanza Peach Tree
Bonanza Peach Leaf
Bonanza Peach Additional Product Shot 1284
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Bonanza Peach Tree
Bonanza Peach Leaf
Bonanza Peach Additional Product Shot 1284

Growth Facts

Bonanza Peach
Prunus persica 'Bonanza'
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The Bonanza Mini Peach Tree is a tiny tree that’s big on charm. This little dynamo will light up your landscape in spring with perky, semi-double, rose pink blossoms that burst open all along its tidy, compact framework of branches. As the flowers fade, bold foliage emerges to lend a tropical vibe to your outdoor entertaining space. In mid- to late summer, let’s not forget the crop of juicy, sweet, full-sized peaches that Bonanza will put within easy reach—no ladder required! The peaches it produces are perfect for fresh, healthy snacking, and no finer indulgence could be had on your diet cheat day than a big piece of Bonanza peach cobbler. Yum!

Growth Facts

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The Story

Tree breeders are patient people. After hybridizing a pair of trees, it often takes years to know if the offspring will amount to anythingDavid Armstrong of Ontario, Canada was one of these patient people. A fruit tree grower, he conducted an extensive breeding program spanning six generations of trees to bring us, among others, the Bonanza Mini Peach Tree. Armstrong used many different Peach varieties in his breeding work to get the yellow freestone Peach Tree he was after, and he even included a Nectarine Tree or two for good measure (a nectarine is just a peach without the fuzz). Bonanza Peach was introduced in 1963.

The Details

The Bonanza Mini Peach Tree isn’t just a cute and perky addition to your landscape beds—it also makes a sweet container plant to use as a portable accent on your deck or patio. Place one on either side of a doorway and create a dramatic entrance to your home, while also putting fresh peaches literally right outside your door. Even apartment dwellers can enjoy the pleasures of home-grown fruit with a potted Bonanza Peach Tree on the balcony.

How to Grow

Although Peach Trees in general aren’t as long-lived as many other trees, with proper care your Bonanza Mini Peach Tree will give you many years of beautiful flowers and bountiful harvests. Plant it in fast-draining (not soggy) soil in a site that receives sun all day long. Watering with the Elements™ Watering System and feeding with our Elements™ Fertilizer will help your tree develop a strong, healthy root system and a natural resistance to the pests and diseases that find peaches as attractive as we humans do. Keep in mind that if you need some help, our expert growers can answer any questions you might have about growing great peaches. Just drop us a line at

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3' Tall. Grown in our #7 fruit tree container. This is a Dwarf peach that great color in the spring to awesome fruit in the summer. This is a great home harvest addition.

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Bonanza Peach Tree
Bonanza Peach Leaf
Bonanza Peach Additional Product Shot 1284