Growth Facts

Fruit Cocktail

Malus domestica

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Honeycrisp? McIntosh? Red Delicious? Can’t decide? With our Fruit Cocktail Clump Form Apple Tree, you don’t have to choose! This Bower & Branch™ exclusive gives you all three of these classic, delectable apples in one productive, multi-trunked tree. When the weather turns cool and crisp and the leaves begin to change, you and your family will enjoy your backyard bounty—whether your preference is the mild, mellow smoothness of Red Delicious, the flavorful crunch of Honeycrisp, or the bright, sweet-tart zing of McIntosh. You may not have room in your yard for an orchard, but you can still have variety!

Growth Facts

The Story

Our unique Fruit Cocktail Clump Form Apple Tree is made up of three beloved cold-hardy varieties that originated in frigid northern climates. McIntosh first appeared as a chance seedling on a farm in Ontario in the early 1800s. This cherished heirloom is considered the national apple of Canada, where it is simply called the ‘Mac’. Red Delicious appeared on American soil—in Peru, Iowa to be exact—in the 1870s. It eventually became our country’s favorite apple. The celebrated Honeycrisp also hails from the snowy North, having emerged from the University of Minnesota’s Apple Tree breeding program. Developed in 1960 and patented in 1988, it’s the new kid on the block among these three, though its popularity is soaring.

The Details

Other multi-variety Apple Trees are grafted to a single set of roots, which can cause problems down the road when the most vigorous variety begins to dominate, crowding out the others. With the Fruit Cocktail Clump Form Apple Tree, our clever growers have solved this problem by grafting each variety to its own set of roots and thus minimizing competition among the three varieties. Though it looks like one multi-trunked tree, you are really getting three separate trees that are potted together when they are young.

How to Grow

Most Apple Trees require the services of another Apple or Crabapple Tree to pollinate their blossoms in spring; with the Fruit Cocktail Clump Form Apple Tree, you need only plant one tree, and the three varieties will pollinate each other. Plant your tree in an open, sunny area, where air circulates freely. This will help to minimize the incidence of common Apple diseases. Regular irrigation, an annual mulch of shredded bark or wood chips, and feeding with our Elements™ Fertilizer will also help to keep your tree strong and resilient. Should any problems arise, our talented growers are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Your online support team is on call at

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5-6' Tall. Grown in a #15 fruit tree container. Three fruit selections planted together for maximum pollination and variety for YOU! Only Bower & Branch growers can bring this to your landscape.