Methley Japanese Plum Tree
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Methley Japanese Plum Tree
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Growth Facts

Methley Japanese Plum

Prunus salicina 'Methley'
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The Methley Plum is a Japanese Plum Tree that will grace your garden with snowy white blossoms in spring, painting an elegant picture like you’d see in a fine Japanese print. The lovely flowers are just a bonus, however, as the real celebration comes in mid-summer, when the luscious, sweet, purple-red plums weigh down the branches. You and your family will have plenty of fresh, healthy snacking right off the tree, and Methley plums with their ruby-red flesh will also make jellies, tarts, and sorbets as beautiful as they are delicious. You’ll be eager to try new recipes each year, and your favorite ones will become annual rituals.

  • Size AA (3' tall) bareroot, (Pre-Order Now, Shipping Spring 2022)

Growth Facts

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The Story

Japanese Plums, which are actually native to China, first arrived in the U.S. in the late 1880s via Luther Burbank, the great California plant breeder. Burbank’s legacy lives on in the hundreds (over 800 in all) of new plants he brought to humanity through his breeding efforts. Some were ornamental plants, like the Shasta Daisy, but many more were valuable edible plants, such as the Russet Burbank Potato. Plums were a special passion of his, and more than 100 of his new introductions were Plums or Plumcots (Plum-Apricot hybrids). The Methley Plum was yet another gift from Luther Burbank to future generations.

The Details

Low-calorie plums are nutritional powerhouses, packed with a rich assortment of vitamins and minerals, like vitamins C, A, K, and the B-complex vitamins, along with potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and copper. They deliver valuable fiber and antioxidants, too. Methley plums, with their vibrant red flesh, are especially potent, as red plums provide more health-promoting anthocyanins than their yellow-fleshed counterparts. This is totally guilt-free snacking for you and the kids!

How to Grow

A good tree for beginning fruit tree growers, the Methley Plum is relatively easy to care for and will reliably produce generous crops of fruit that are supported by sturdy branches. It asks for a bright, sunny, warm, slightly elevated site where late frosts are less likely to strike its blossoms. It needs no other tree to pollinate it, as Methley is self-fertile. You’ll want to water this tree regularly while it gets established and during dry spells in successive years, but make sure that excess water drains away freely. Plums are subject to their fair share of pests and diseases, but most problems can be controlled or avoided with a little know-how. Our expert growers will give you all the help you need at, so don’t hesitate to get that backyard orchard started!

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Size A Trees:

5-6' Tall. Grown and shipped in our #7 fruit tree container. Grower pruned for fruit production. The hard work has been done for you, time to enjoy. Perfect for your home harvest.

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Methley Japanese Plum Tree