Stella Sweet Cherry Tree

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Stella Sweet Cherry
Prunus avium 'Stella'
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What if—instead of buying pricey supermarket cherries shipped in from hundreds of miles away—you could pick sweet cherries right off your own tree in the backyard? With a Stella Sweet Cherry Tree from Bower & Branch™, you and your family can enjoy the pleasure of flavorful home-grown cherries each summer. Stella’s succulent dark red fruits are good for baking into pies and cobblers, but they are even better for eating fresh. High in fiber, low in calories, and rich in antioxidants, these luscious sweet cherries are the kind of treat you can feel good about snacking on, too!

Growth Facts

Shipping Spring of 2022

The Story

The Stella Sweet Cherry Tree was developed in Canada at the Summerland agricultural research station in British Columbia in 1968. It was a revolutionary tree, because it was the first Sweet Cherry that didn’t need another variety of Cherry to pollinate it. Until Stella came along, you needed to plant two different varieties in order to get a good crop of cherries. With Stella, you need only one tree, and the bees will do all the work of pollinating the lovely white Cherry blossoms in spring. Stella was also selected for its excellent flavor and for its moderate resistance to cracking, an occurrence that can happen when the fruit ripens in rainy weather.

The Details

Not just functional but pretty as well, the Stella Sweet Cherry Tree will adorn your landscape with scores of radiant white flowers that hug the branches and give off a sweet scent. The blossoms call out to honeybees and other pollinators, who get right to work. Stella, of course, pollinates itself, but it will also pollinate other Sweet Cherries, should you choose to get another tree that requires a partner.

How to Grow

The Stella Sweet Cherry Tree isn’t a plant-it-and-forget-it kind of tree, but the rewards you receive from it will justify the extra effort you may have to put in. Plant this fast-growing tree in a warm, sunny site in moderately fertile, well-drained soil. Regular water is important during the growing season, especially during the critical establishment period. Feed with Elements™ Fertilizer to be sure that the right nutrients are available to your tree as it needs them. Monitor the tree carefully for any potential problems, as Cherries are subject to a fair number of pests and diseases. Our skilled growers can help you figure out how to treat or prevent them at

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Stella Sweet Cherry Tree