Whitegold® Cherry Tree
Whitegold® Cherry Leaf
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Whitegold® Cherry Tree
Whitegold® Cherry Leaf

Growth Facts

Whitegold® Cherry
Prunus avium 'Whitegold'
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Is there any prettier picture than the snow white blossoms of a Whitegold® Cherry Tree announcing the arrival of spring? Only the red-blushed yellow fruits of a Whitegold® Cherry Tree celebrating the arrival of summer! Get two seasons of drama for your landscape and lots of tasty, wholesome snacking from this special yellow-fruited Cherry Tree from Cornell University. Whitegold® cherries are sweet and luscious—perfect for eating straight off the tree. These beautiful rosy-gold cherries fetch a high price at the market; you can grow them at home and save a bundle. And in the spring you get cherry blossoms, too!

Growth Facts

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The Story

Whitegold® Cherry (a.k.a. ‘Newfane’ Cherry) emerged from a fruit tree breeding program at the New York State Agricultural Extension Station in Geneva. One of the researchers’ goals was to produce a self-pollinating yellow Cherry Tree; existing yellow cherries needed another variety growing nearby in order for fruit to form. In 1975, they crossed Emperor Francis, a red-blushed gold variety that could not pollinate itself, with Stella, a red variety that was self-fertile. From the 433 seedlings that resulted from the pairing, they selected one which inherited both the gold color and self-fertility from its parents. Whitegold® Cherry was introduced by Cornell University in 2001.

The Details

The Whitegold® Sweet Cherry Tree blooms midseason, before Blackgold® Cherry and at about the same time as most other Sweet Cherry Trees. The blossoms, which are quickly mobbed by happy honey bees, will pollinate any other Sweet Cherry Trees you have that are blooming and in need of a partner. Whitegold®, of course, pollinates itself and will set loads of delicious cherries on an annual basis as long as its needs are met.

How to Grow

Growing perfect cherries can be rather challenging, as there are several pest and disease issues to look out for. Good cultural practices will help keep your Whitegold® Cherry healthy and resilient. Give your tree as much sun as possible in a site with good air circulation and soil that is fertile and well drained. Irrigating with the Elements™ Watering System and feeding with Elements™ Fertilizer will ensure that the right amounts of water and nutrients are supplied. Mulch with an annual addition of shredded bark or wood chips. Monitor your tree for potential problems, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to consult with our knowledgeable team at grower@bowerandbranch.com for guidance.

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5-6' Tall. Grown and shipped in our #7 fruit tree container. You can expect a harvest in your very first year! The grower has pruned for fruit production. The hard work has been done for you, time to enjoy.

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Whitegold® Cherry Tree
Whitegold® Cherry Leaf