Marley’s Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell Leaf
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Marley’s Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell Leaf
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Growth Facts

Marley’s Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell

Styrax japonicus 'JLWeeping' PP23,755
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Too cute! Marley’s Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell Tree is the perfect accent for any garden, no matter the size. This petite weeping flowering tree will fit comfortably into your foundation plantings, mixed borders, or any of the landscape beds around your home in need of a distinctive focal point that won’t get out of control. Plant Marley’s Pink Parasol® near a path or sitting area, so you and your guests can appreciate the cascade of late spring and early summer blossoms at close range. The bubblegum-pink flowers hang from the branches like little bells, and they smell like cotton candy. In fall, the tree will delight you once more when the foliage turns a lively lemon-yellow.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Hmm... one of these things is not like the others! Marley’s Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell originated at JLPN Nursery, the nursery of John Lewis of Salem, Oregon. JLPN raises small trees to sell to other nurseries to grow on to bigger sizes. It grows many trees from seed, a practice which can lead to variability in the offspring, but JLPN tries to limit that, because buyers want a nice, uniform crop. So when John Lewis inspected his Japanese Snowbell seedlings recently and found one growing differently than the rest, his first thought may have been to throw it out! Luckily, he realized he had something special on his hands, and Marley’s Pink Parasol® was born.

The Details

Marley’s Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell makes a perfect patio tree. You can include it in plantings around your outdoor living space, or grow it in a large decorative container to be used as a portable accent piece. A pair of trees may be used to elegantly frame a gate, doorway, or sitting area.

How to Grow

It’s a mystery why Japanese Snowbells have never really caught on in the eastern U.S., because they are delightful trees that aren’t too difficult to care for and that are untroubled by pests or diseases. You’ll want to plant your Marley’s Pink Parasol® in a sunny or partly shady spot. A site with sun in the morning and shade during the hottest part of the day is best in very warm climates. This tree appreciates moist, well-drained soil with a good deal of organic matter mixed into it. Acidic soil is ideal. Prune immediately after blooming if desired, though you won’t have much need to prune or otherwise fuss over this low-maintenance tree.

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Size B Trees:

4-5' Tall Grown in our #15 tree container. With weeping limbs climbing the whole trunk you'll love this beautiful tree for years to come.

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Marley’s Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell Leaf