Hetz Columnar Juniper Poodle Topiary Tree

Growth Facts

Hetz Columnar Juniper Poodle Topiary
Juniperus chinensis 'Hetzii columnaris'
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Our Hetz Columnar Juniper Poodle Topiary Tree is a perky evergreen specimen tree that enjoys being the center of attention and would love to find a forever home in your landscape. Our talented growers patiently train these unique trees over a period of several years to take on the tiered shape of a poodle’s tail, starting when the trees are young pups. They shape each tree to have three perfect spheres of green growth on a straight trunk, exposing the flaky gray “bark” in between. No daily walks or poop-scooping with this faithful companion—just some simple yearly grooming that you can do yourself!

Growth Facts

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The Story

Frank Hetz was a house painter in Fairview, Pennsylvania around the turn of the century, working hard to support his young family. When the lead in the paint he used began to impact his health in 1909, however, he had to find a new line of work. Having had a farming background, he decided to grow and sell Christmas Trees. When his evergreens were ready to sell (shortly after World War I), he found that people wanted his trees not for cutting, but for planting in their landscapes. Hetz suddenly found himself in the nursery business—his company is still in operation today. He selected Hetz Columnar Juniper from a crop of seedlings he raised in the 1930s.

The Details

Plant a matching pair of Hetz Columnar Juniper Poodle Topiary Trees on either side of a bench, doorway, gate, path, or arch to call attention to an important feature of your landscape. Entryway gardens, foundation beds, and patio plantings are also prime areas to incorporate Topiary Trees and the special flair that they bring to formal spaces.

How to Grow

Your Hetz Columnar Juniper Poodle Topiary Tree doesn’t need a lot of babying in order to thrive. It’s cold-hardy, disease-resistant, and drought-tolerant once established, and it won’t chase cars or bark at the mailman. (Who’s a good boy?) Plant your Hetz Columnar Poodle Tree in a site with all-day sun and well-drained soil and it will be happy. The only task you’ll have to stay on top of is trimming. When your Poodle Tree starts to look a little shaggy, shear the new growth back to restore its tidy spherical shape. That’s all there is to it!

Size Guide

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Size A

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Size A Trees:

Grown in our #7 or #8 topiary container. Poodled to 4 feet or more. Perfect for framing a doorway or walkway. This work of art gives any landscape a sense of regality.

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Hetz Columnar Juniper Poodle Topiary Tree