Growth Facts

Newport Blue Boxwood Spiral Topiary

Buxus sempervirens 'Newport Blue'

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Our Newport Blue Boxwood Spiral Topiary Tree is a petite evergreen specimen tree that’s big on style. Its lush blue-green foliage and sculptural swirling shape will bring a touch of timeless elegance to your mixed borders, foundation plantings, or any of the more prominent landscape beds around your home that need to look sharp all year long. Not sure where to plant it? Put it in a pretty container and use it as portable outdoor decor! Spiral Boxwood Topiaries never go out of fashion, and this one will add sleek sophistication to your outdoor living space for years to come.

Growth Facts

The Story

Newport Blue Boxwood is a type of Common Boxwood, a plant native to Europe that has a long and distinguished history in gardens there. Virtually all of the most celebrated European gardens make use of Common Boxwood, whether planted in rows and sheared to create beautiful manicured hedges or sculpted into bold, impressive topiary forms. This grand formal tradition translates well to modestly sized gardens and even to tiny city lots. You can evoke that classic Old World style in your own home landscape with a Common Boxwood developed right here in the U.S.! The Newport Blue Boxwood was introduced by Boulevard Nurseries of Newport, Rhode Island in the 1940s.

The Details

Each of our Newport Blue Boxwood Spiral Topiary Trees is shaped by hand by our talented Bower & Branch nursery crew. Creating a perfectly symmetrical Spiral Topiary Tree from scratch is neither easy nor quick, requiring the touch of a highly skilled craftsman and a period of years for the tree to assume its final shape. Once the hard part is done, however, its form is simple to maintain with a quick annual shearing.

How to Grow

You don’t have to have much of a green thumb to grow our Newport Blue Boxwood Spiral Topiary Tree. This adaptable little tree will thrive in sun or shade and isn’t fussy about soil—it will even prosper in heavy clay, provided drainage is good. It appreciates regular irrigation, but it isn’t a water hog. Diseases and insects pests are generally uninterested in Newport Blue Boxwood, and deer leave it alone, too. The only special attention it requires is regular pruning to keep its smooth, curvy lines clean and crisp. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at if you need any further guidance in the pruning or upkeep of your new tree.

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Grown in our #15 tree container. This fun boxwood topiary gives you elegance with a dash of flare. Tightly sheared spiral shape up to 4 feet when shipped.