Dawyck Purple European Beech Tree
Dawyck Purple European Beech Leaf
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Dawyck Purple European Beech Tree
Dawyck Purple European Beech Leaf

Growth Facts

Dawyck Purple European Beech

Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyck Purple'

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Well, hello handsome. The Dawyck Purple European Beech is a tall, slim, exceedingly good-looking specimen tree with rich royal purple leaves that hold their color all season. This columnar accent tree rises straight and true, and will stand like a sentinel in your landscape. Employ it as a dramatic focal point in a mixed border, or place a pair of trees strategically to frame a distant view. A row of Dawyck Purple Beeches planted closely together will create in time a luxe seasonal privacy screen without equal. Whatever you do, give this long-lived legacy tree a premium spot in the landscape, because it will be turning heads for generations to come.

Growth Facts

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The Story

European Beech, native to much of Europe, has been revered by gardeners for centuries. Over the years, countless novel forms have arisen, with purple, gold, variegated, or copper foliage, and with columnar, weeping, contorted, or other distinctive habits. Dawyck Purple is a relative youngster among these, having originated in 1969. In that year, the Director of the Trompenburg Arboretum in the Netherlands, Dick van Hoey Smith, collected Beech nuts from a green-leaved columnar Beech called Dawyck. Out of the one hundred seedlings that he grew, four had purple leaves, and one of these he named Dawyck Purple.

The Details

Dawyck Purple European Beech will enchant you with changing foliage throughout the year. In spring, the leaves emerge a radiant burgundy-red color, eventually becoming a deep, dark purple. When the weather turns frosty, the foliage takes on amber tones before dropping to reveal the smooth, gray, muscly bark that Beeches are famous for.

How to Grow

Choose a sunny site for your Dawyck Purple European Beech, as shade will turn the leaves bronzy green or green. Good drainage is essential, but don’t allow the tree to dry out completely, especially during the initial period of establishment. Irrigate then with the Bower & Branch Elements™ Watering System to supply just the right amount of moisture. This is a shallow-rooted tree, so it is important to mulch well to help keep the root zone cool and moist. Its thin bark is vulnerable to damage, so keep lawn equipment well away from the trunk. Dawyck Purple is in other respects a trouble-free, low-maintenance tree that will add value to your property, becoming more impressive each year.

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4' Tall. Grown in our #6 tree container. This tree will be a great addition to your landscape.

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Dawyck Purple European Beech Tree
Dawyck Purple European Beech Leaf