EXCLAMATION!™ London Planetree/Sycamore Tree
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EXCLAMATION!™ London Planetree/Sycamore Tree
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Growth Facts

EXCLAMATION!™ London Planetree/Sycamore

Platanus x acerifolia 'Morton Circle'
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Exclamation!™ is the toughest shade tree, period! Exclamation!™ London Planetree can handle whatever comes its way. Drought? Check. Flooding? Check. Road salt? Check. Air pollution? Check. And it’s as handsome as it is resilient. This large tree forms a strong single leader that grows straight and true, while the side branches grow upward to form a confident, upright-oval outline. The bold trunk is smooth to the touch, exfoliating to reveal patches of khaki, gray, army green, and white. The broad, dark green leaves, which remain clean and healthy all season, may briefly turn gold before dropping in fall and putting the tree’s majestic architecture and striking bark on full display.

Growth Facts

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The Story

The London Planetree gets its name from its origin in London over 350 years ago. It became a very popular tree there, even during coal-burning days, when the city was terribly polluted. London Planetree is not an English native, but a hybrid tree derived from our own American Sycamore and the Oriental Planetree from southeastern Europe and western Asia. Exclamation!™ London Planetree was developed at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois in the 1990s and was released through the Chicagoland Grows® program. It was bred to resist anthracnose, a fungal disease that can be troublesome with Planetrees. The new tree was also found to be very resistant to frost-cracking (bark splitting in winter) and powdery mildew, a cosmetic disease.

The Details

Looking for some shade in a hurry? Exclamation!™ London Planetree is a fast-growing tree. With proper feeding and irrigation, a young tree may put on three feet of growth per year. As the tree matures, the growth rate will slow to one to one-and-a-half feet per year.

How to Grow

Give your Exclamation!™ London Planetree plenty of room to grow and lots of sun for best results. It will tolerate only very light shade. This durable tree isn’t fussy about soil and can deal with compacted soil and other difficult situations, although optimal growth will be on fertile, deep, moist sites with decent drainage. Irrigate with the Bower & Branch Elements™ Watering System to help your tree develop a strong root system. It will be relatively drought tolerant after the first few years of establishment. Feed annually with Elements™ Fertilizer to keep your tree supplied with the nutrients that allow it to thrive.

Size Guide

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Size D

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Size C Trees:

10-12' Tall, shipped in a container. Wide branching, strong structure, pruned from a young age to develop great featured branching and form. This is a very big tree and should be professionally installed.

Size D Trees:

12-14' Tall, this tree is massive.

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EXCLAMATION!™ London Planetree/Sycamore Tree