Royal Frost® Birch Tree
Royal Frost® Birch Leaf
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Royal Frost® Birch Tree
Royal Frost® Birch Leaf
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Growth Facts

Royal Frost® Birch

Betula x 'Royal Frost'

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All hail the King! White-barked Birch trees bring to mind the trees you see on autumn drives in New England or on trips to a cabin in the North Woods. But there’s a twist here—this snowy white Birch tree has regal purple foliage! A standout among mid-sized ornamental trees, Royal Frost® is a true four-season wonder. Plant it in front of dark brick or evergreens to show off its creamy trunk year-round. Include one in your backyard landscaping near your patio or deck, and its small, fluttery leaves will cast a dappled shade where you dine, relax, or entertain. Uplighting directed at that chalky white bark will add extra nighttime drama.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Birches are a promiscuous bunch, hybridizing with each other easily. Plant breeders have taken advantage of that fact to create some wonderful new eye candy. Tom Pinney, Jr. of Evergreen Nursery in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, is one such nurseryman who has tinkered with the Birch gene pool. In 1978, he crossed an Asian White Birch with a purple-leaved European White Birch, resulting in ‘Crimson Frost.’ Now he has crossed ‘Crimson Frost’ with the (American) Gray Birch, ‘Whitespire, and given us Royal Frost®.  It took Birches from three continents to create this beauty!

The Details

The Royal Frost® Birch Tree is celebrated for its rich purple foliage and magnificent white bark, but it has yet another handsome attribute—great fall color! When nights turn frosty, its deep purple leaves take on warm gold, orange, and scarlet-red tones, before dropping to reveal more of that gorgeous bark.

How to Grow

A site in full sun will coax the most intense color from your Royal Frost® Birch Tree’s leaves. As for the soil, it should drain well and not remain soggy after a rain, though it shouldn’t be allowed to go dusty-dry. Irrigate with the Bower & Branch Elements™ Watering System to supply your tree with the proper amount of water during those crucial first couple of years of establishment. An annual application of our Elements™ Fertilizer will feed your tree all the nutrients it needs. The most troublesome pests of the Royal Frost® Birch are the bronze Birch borer and the Birch leaf miner. Your best defense against them is proper care of your tree, as these insects primarily attack unhealthy or stressed trees. Please don’t hesitate to contact our expert growers at if you have any questions about dealing with these pests safely and effectively.

Size Guide

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Size B Trees:

6-8' Tall. Grown in our #15 tree container. This Birch tree is large enough to immediately make an impact in your landscape.

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Royal Frost® Birch Tree
Royal Frost® Birch Leaf