Hetzi Upright Juniper Tree

Growth Facts

Hetzi Upright Juniper

Juniperus chinensis 'Hetzii Columnaris'

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Long recognized as a versatile problem solver, Hetzi Upright Juniper does it all. Whenever you need a columnar evergreen element in a sunny spot, it gets the job done. Employ a whole row of Hetzi Junipers to forge a sturdy windbreak, or plant a line of them to give you privacy while you enjoy your patio, pool, or outdoor entertaining space. A matched pair of trees makes a fine formal accent in a sunny foundation planting, and a single specimen creates structure in a mixed border all year long. Drought tolerant and easy to care for, too!

Growth Facts

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The Story

Frank Hetz was a house painter in Fairview, Pennsylvania around the turn of the century, working hard to support his young family. When the lead in the paint he used began to impact his health in 1909, however, he had to find a new line of work. Having had a farming background, he decided to grow and sell Christmas Trees. When his evergreens were ready to sell (shortly after World War I), he found that people wanted his trees not for cutting, but for planting in their landscapes. Hetz suddenly found himself in the nursery business—his company is still in operation today. He selected Hetzi Upright Juniper from a crop of seedlings he raised in the 1930s.

The Details

Hetzi Upright Juniper produces a crop of showy, silvery-blue Juniper berries in early fall, which backyard birds may occasionally snack on. Songbirds will also be attracted to the shelter of its dense branches, and may build their nests there.

How to Grow

Hetzi Upright Juniper is about as easygoing as they come. The only things it will not abide are shade and “wet feet,” so be sure to plant it where it will receive sun all day long and where the soil drains well and doesn’t remain soggy after a rain. It will need regular irrigation during the first couple of years of establishment, but should be able to survive on what falls from the sky after that. Fertilize with the Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer to encourage a strong root system to form. Very little pruning will be needed, but if you want to take out a stray branch or shear your Hetzi Upright Juniper even tighter, these things can be accomplished at any time.

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4' Tall. Grown in our #15 tree container. Vigorous and sheered evergreen Juniper.

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Hetzi Upright Juniper Tree