Perfecta Upright Juniper Tree

Growth Facts

Perfecta Upright Juniper

Juniperus chinensis 'Perfecta'

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Picture perfect! If you like neat landscapes with clean lines and a well-kept look, then Perfecta Juniper is the tree for you. This handy evergreen tree forms a slim, dense column of rich green foliage that adds a strong vertical accent to your beds and borders. You might expect this formal plant to be high-maintenance, but the good news is that Perfecta is a breeze to care for and will make few demands on your busy schedule. It achieves its manicured appearance on its own—your pruners may never leave the shed! Throw in the fact that Perfecta’s a drought-tolerant plant with no major pest or disease issues, and you have yourself a real low-maintenance treasure.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Perfecta Juniper is a selection of Chinese Juniper, a rugged evergreen conifer native to not only China, but also to Japan, Mongolia, and Korea. In the wild, Chinese Juniper may be found growing in a fantastically diverse array of forms, from low groundhuggers to towering trees, and in all shades of green and blue, and occasionally gold. As people have brought Chinese Junipers into their gardens and nurseries, even more novel forms have appeared, and these have been made available to the public through propagation. There’s truly a Juniper for every landscape! It’s not clear when or where Perfecta Juniper first appeared, but it’s definitely destined to become a classic.

The Details

Plant Perfecta Juniper as a single specimen within your mixed borders to add structure and lively greenery 365 days a year. A matched pair of trees on either side of a doorway, gate, or bench also works wonderfully to highlight certain areas of your landscape or to usher your guests through your garden in style.

How to Grow

Perfecta Juniper is about as easygoing as they come. The only things it will not abide are shade and “wet feet,” so be sure to plant your tree where it will receive sun all day long and where the soil drains well and doesn’t remain soggy after a rain. It will need regular irrigation during the first couple of years of establishment, but should be able to survive on what falls from the sky after that—barring a bad drought. Fertilize with the Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer to encourage a strong root system to form. Very little pruning will be needed, but if you want to take out a stray branch or shear your Perfecta even tighter, these things can be accomplished at any time.

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4' Tall. Grown in our #15 tree container. Vigorous and sheered evergreen Juniper.

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Perfecta Upright Juniper Tree