Crimson Spire™  Oak Tree

Growth Facts

Crimson Spire™ Oak

Quercus alba x robur 'Crimschmidt'
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Ten-HUT! The Crimson Spire™ Oak is a tall, strong, svelte accent tree that will bring a powerful vertical presence to your garden. Plant a single specimen to lend structure to a large island bed, or plant a pair of trees at the front corners of your house to anchor your foundation plantings and frame your home in style. You can also plant a row of Crimson Spire™ Oaks to serve as an elegant privacy screen. This is a deciduous tree, but it tends to hold onto its dried leaves in the winter, extending its privacy coverage. Whatever you need Crimson Spire™ to do, you can count on it to get the job done right.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Some hanky panky’s been going on! The Crimson Spire™ Oak originated at the nursery of Willet “Bill” Wandell of Champaign, Illinois. Wandell was raising a crop of seedlings from acorns he’d collected from a Columnar English Oak Tree, when he noticed something unusual. One of the little trees got amazing russet-red to crimson-red fall color, which is bizarre for an English Oak. That same plant didn’t have a touch of powdery mildew on it leaves, although the others were afflicted with this common cosmetic disease that regularly attacks English Oaks. Wandell looked around the mother tree and saw a White Oak that must have been the baby daddy to the hybrid offspring. He patented the tree in 1994.

The Details

Would you like to get an Oak Tree, but think they’re too slow-growing? Being a hybrid, Crimson Spire™ exhibits what is known as “hybrid vigor”—it’s actually a moderately fast-growing tree! With proper feeding and irrigation, it may reach 45 feet in 20 years.

How to Grow

Plant Crimson Spire™ Oak in a site that receives all-day sun. The soil should be well drained and not remain soggy after a rain. Mulch to keep the root zone cool and moist and irrigate with the Bower & Branch Elements™ Watering System for the first couple of years to ensure that your tree gets the water it needs to establish a strong root system. Feeding in fall with our Elements™ Fertilizer will allow your tree to take up all the nutrients it needs. Crimson Spire™ has a naturally dense branching habit from head to toe, but if you do need to prune, make sure that you do it in winter.

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Crimson Spire™  Oak Tree