Peve Minaret Dwarf Bald Cypress Tree
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Peve Minaret Dwarf Bald Cypress Tree
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Growth Facts

Peve Minaret Dwarf Bald Cypress

Taxodium distichum 'Peve Minaret'
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Too cute! Peve Minaret is a smaller version of our majestic native Baldcypress Tree that’s bursting with personality. This quirky deciduous conifer grows arrow-straight, developing a fat trunk and lots of little lateral branches that point upwards, giving the tree a strong vertical presence in your garden. The branches are clothed in beautiful mint-green needles, but don’t think of these as the typical unfriendly, prickly conifer needles you would find on Spruce and Juniper—Peve Minaret Baldcypress is as soft and huggable as a teddy bear. In late autumn, you’ll be treated to a show of radiant, coppery orange foliage before the needles drop for the winter.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Baldcypress Trees grow wild from Illinois to Delaware and south to Texas and Florida, but they are most common in the Deep South. There they often grow in swamps to avoid forest fires and can become massive trees with huge, buttressed trunks and “knees” that come up out of the water (Baldcypress Trees don’t get these on dry land). They are the longest-lived trees in the eastern U.S.; the oldest found was an incredible 1,800 years old! Peve Minaret was developed by a Dutch nurseryman named Pete Vergeldt in 1990. He cheated a little and treated some Baldcypress seeds with special chemicals to get them to form mutant seedlings.

The Details

Peve Minaret Baldcypress is the kind of tree you want to design a whole landscape around. Create an island bed in your front yard where this unique specimen can play the starring role, or make a border for it near your outdoor entertaining space, and make Peve Minaret a focal point and conversation starter.

How to Grow

Early reports on Peve Minaret Baldcypress indicated that it would be a tiny, very slow-growing tree. While it is much smaller than a regular Baldcypress, it’s no miniature. An 11-inch plant at the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, North Carolina, grew to 20 feet in 10 years. Give Peve Minaret a site in full sun and provide regular water, especially during the first couple of years of establishment. This is a great tree for that troublesome part of your landscape that drains poorly, though it doesn’t require wet soil and will do just fine in average conditions. Feed annually with Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer to promote both a strong root system and healthy top growth.

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Peve Minaret Dwarf Bald Cypress Tree