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Shawnee Brave™ Bald Cypress

Taxodium distichum 'Mickelson'
Shipping Summer of 2021
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When you need a striking vertical element in your landscape, Shawnee Brave™ Baldcypress is your answer. This bold deciduous conifer will rise arrow-straight, forming a tall, slim pyramid. Plant a pair of trees to elegantly frame a distant view, or line your driveway with them and let these fast-growing trees quickly create a majestic allée that leads to your door. This tree also has a natural affinity for water, and a grouping of Shawnee Brave™ Baldcypresses looks amazing near a pond if you are lucky enough to have one on your property. City dwellers need not feel left out, as the adaptable Shawnee Brave™ makes a fine street tree, too!

Growth Facts

The Story

Baldcypress is a fascinating ancient tree native to much of the Southeast. It is most often associated with the Deep South. There, it frequently grows in standing water, such as in the Okefenokee Swamp, which straddles Georgia and Florida. In wet places, it develops knobby “knees” that protrude out of the water; these don’t appear in normal garden conditions. Shawnee Brave™ Baldcypress was introduced by legendary nurseryman Earl Cully of Jacksonville, Illinois. He found the plant in Illinois in 1968. At about 40 years of age, the original tree when Cully found it was 70 feet tall and only 18 feet wide. Earl Cully is also known for introducingtwo extra-slim Oak Trees, Regal Prince® and Kindred Spirit®.

The Details

Deciduous conifers are funny plants that look like evergreens, but lose their needles for the winter. Your neighbors may be very concerned when your “evergreen tree goes bare! Before Shawnee Brave™ Baldcypress disrobes in late fall, its soft, feathery foliage will take on warm coppery orange tones, putting on a lovely show of late-season color.

How to Grow

Plant Shawnee Brave™ Baldcypress in a sunny location. This tree isn’t fussy about soil and will happily grow in clay and will love that troublesome part of your yard where water drains poorly. Average soils are fine, too, and this tree will even tolerate some drought once established. Help your tree develop a strong root system by irrigating with the Bower & Branch Elements™ Watering System during the first couple of years. Feed with Elements™ Fertilizer to support healthy, balanced root growth and top growth. Little, if any, pruning will be necessary, and no major pests or diseases generally affect Baldcypress Trees.

Size Guide

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