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Wireless® Zelkova

Zelkova serrata 'Schmidtlow''
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We’ve all seen it. A guy plants a tree under a power line. Eventually, the tree gets way too big for its space, and then what happens? The tree gets topped, ruining its shape forever. Don’t be that guy. There are trees that are perfect for planting under utility lines—beautiful trees that never outgrow their space. The Wireless® Japanese Zelkova is one. This compact street tree will develop a flat-topped, wide-spreading canopy that stays out of the wires, yet allows for the passage of people and vehicles underneath. Handsome all season in its emerald-green foliage, its deep red fall color is a sweet bonus.

Growth Facts

The Story

The Japanese Zelkova Tree is a large, regal, vase-shaped shade tree from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and northeast China. Related to Elm Trees, but very resistant to Dutch Elm disease, it has gotten much more popular in this country since the arrival of that devastating disease many years ago. The Wireless® Zelkova was introduced by Keith Warren of J. Frank Schmidt Nursery in Boring, Oregon. The tree was a chance seedling that happened to have a different growth pattern than its siblings. Warren chose the tree for its size and shape, but he was wowed by its fall color, which he described as the best red he’d ever seen in a Zelkova.

The Details

The Wireless® Japanese Zelkova is an adaptable tree that’s happy on a country estate, in the heart of the city, and everywhere in between. Once established, this tough tree laughs at heat and humidity, frigid winters (to -20°F), wind, de-icing salts, drought, compacted soils, and alkaline soils!

How to Grow

Wireless® Japanese Zelkova is an easy-to-please tree that all gardeners will succeed with, provided its few simple needs are met. Plant this tree in a sunny location, as shade will cause it to lose its nice, tight habit. It isn’t picky about soil, but it doesn’t like “wet feet”—excess water must drain away after a rain. Irrigate with the Bower & Branch Elements™ Watering System during the establishment period to help your tree develop a strong root system. It will be relatively drought tolerant in subsequent years. Wireless® responds to an annual fertilizationwith our Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer. Pruning will seldom be necessary, and pests and diseases are of no concern.

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Size C

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Size B Trees:

8-10' tall. Grown in our #15 tree container in this size. Stem caliper 1 1/2". Limbed up high for street tree planting. Excellent canopy and structure.

Size C Trees:

10-12' Tall Grown in our #20 or #25 tree container. A great tree for your landscape.

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Wireless® Zelkova Tree